Ivor O’Connor

December 13, 2008

Big Brother Proof?

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Unfortunately TOR is slow. Very slow. And if there is no google to index it how is anybody suppose to find anything? It’s all very confusing. In this world of big brother I like the idea but have no idea how I would personally make use of it. Or why I’d need such privacy. Still I like privacy and so this seems like it has potential in some way.

Aaron Swartz, a Reddit founder, and Virgil Griffith, creator of WikiScanner, have created a new service called tor2web that gives users access to website hosted anonymously on the Tor network.

Though Tor — “the onion router” — is more famous as a privacy tool designed to prevent tracking of where a web user surfs on the internet, since 2004 the system has allowed users to host servers as well. Unlike conventional servers, these Tor “hidden services” cannot normally be traced to the person operating them.

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