Ivor O’Connor

August 14, 2014

Robbin Williams’ Suicide

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Since I don’t watch the “news”, listen to radio, or read rags I only discovered three days later he died of suicide while listening to my podcasts. This one http://podcasts.nytimes.com/podcasts/2014/08/12/science/12scitimes-podcast-robin-williams/20140812-suicide-final.mp3. The NY Times science podcasts are often so full of soft propaganda I find it enjoyable to pick apart.


The whole discussion centered around the concept of suicide being a problem. I found this similar to the concept of atheism being a problem. Or not having kids being a problem. I would love to see popular media address suicide as a healthy alternative to dying of old age or carrying on a miserable life. We’ve got to the point where all races are accepted equally, and men and women, and gays and lesbians, and alternate religions to some degree. Yet suicide still remains a “problem”. Hopefully this will change in the next 100 years.

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