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September 24, 2010

Tattoos and Tobaco

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What causes people to do this to themselves? Peer pressure certainly. Do they have such low self esteem they can’t put themselves above it? It’s mind boggling. If they are so willy nilly what else are they capable of? These people have so little dignity they would probably sign for any horrific atrocity as long as they got some attention from their peers.


September 20, 2010

Workman’s Comp and Health Insurance

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Why do we have to pay either? And why in Hell do we have to pay them both? Isn’t that like double dipping? If you already have health insurance why must you then pay for health insurance a second time through Workman’s Comp?

Why can’t our government quit invading peaceful countries hoping to rape them but only causing us citizens to pay huge taxes? A police response would have been appropriate for 9/11. Instead we started a war. Then we started a war with a second country. Now we are bombing a third and fourth country and yet not calling it a war! An honest country makes an infrastructure so that its citizens to grow. Things like parks, libraries, education, postal service, highways, and health care are the realm of the Government. We should not have to pay for our parks, libraries, education, postal service, highways, and health care like we do now. And it’s totally crazy paying for these things over-and-over.

Really, I think our Government just uses us like the people were used in the Matrix. We just keep on taking it.

BBB (Better Business Bureau)

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The BBB has only two functions. The first is to act as a bulletin board so customers can leave positive or negative reviews. However with other internet resources the BBB’s incredibly slow site has become antiquated. Compare Google’s far superior review process. The second function is to verify the company is paying the Mafioso institutions like Workman’s Comp and the rest. So in a way the BBB is worse than Google because the BBB stresses compliance with thieves. Not customer’s satisfaction.

These two functions may or may not be bad. However the real function of the BBB is to make money. To do this they extort private businesses. You as a business owner are hit up for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars every year for their approval to use their logo for advertisement and such. They have a work force that calls each and every business and looks for violations. So if your website has a pointer to them they ask you to pay up or remove it. If they see their logo they tell you to pay up or take it down. How many people do they employee to hit up every single business in America with their protection racket?

Now you may say that’s all fair. Take down the logos. You may even agree that referencing their site is a violation. But is their rating of your company based on whether you pay or not? I’ve seen a company lose it’s gold star triple AAA+ rating to be replaced with just an A rating within a month of not paying. There were no reviews, positive or negative, that happened in that time period. Of course there may have been some change to their rating system. Still it seems fishy. Maybe Google can get away with a secret rating system but can the BBB?

The BBB makes it’s money off of private companies. It’s reasonable that they publish their rating criteria. Otherwise what’s the difference between them and any other protection schemes? Not a whole lot.

September 12, 2010

Things I’d Like Changed: Restaurant Kitchens

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Why is it most kitchens are in the back where you can’t see them? Are we suppose to rely on the inspectors to make sure the place is sanitary? Yeah. Right. We know that doesn’t work.

Why not build the kitchen into the middle of the dining area. Put glass walls up around it so we don’t have to hear everything. Everything should be visible with the exception of the walk in fridge. I can’t imagine how they could make a see through fridge but if they could then that too should be visible. Then as people eat they could see everybody from the dishwashers to the chefs prepare the food. Perhaps it should also be viewable over an internet feed.

Once this caught on nobody would be trying to hide the food preperation and disposal like they currently do.

Things I’d Like Changed: Gym Male/Female Areas

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Women may not realize what the men’s changing areas are like. Having been a regular in probably close to 100 different gyms over my life, on a dialy basis, there’s a bit in common between all of them. First, most men are slobs. It’s not uncommon to see the toilet full of unflushed stuff. Or the area surrounding the toilet in need of cleaning. Or the doors in need of repair since they were never built right leaving them unlockable. And the handles on the shower are usually one turn devices labeled incorrectly.

It’s the guys that are most disgusting though. It’s not uncommon to see some guy nude blocking the path while he takes a towel between his legs pulling it back and forth over his crotch area like a bear rubbing his back against a tree. WTF?! You’d think they’d go someplace private to itch their diseases but no they have to make a scene of it blocking everybodies paths. These people usually aren’t even in shape. Could be some old fat person. How they’ve lived their lives like this is mind boggling.

Then there are the nude or semi-nude people in front of the hot air dryers. Some have itches and these dryers are the equivalent of trees to bears. It is all disconcerting but ranges from mildy disgusting to walking quickly away to avoid heaving. The mild ones are people wrapped in towels and when they think nobody is looking expose their parts to the wall mounted blow dryer. Imagine that for a second. The blow dryer is mounted to the wall and they are doing strange gymnastics to get that part itched. The ones who are truly disgusting though are again the in-your-face nude stick the bodies parts in the dryer any way possible type.

Then there are the gays. This makes up a significant number of the people. Some hang about nude for hours in the changing areas. The old ones are the worst. It’s like they are doing the gay equivalent of fishing. It’s like they have a legal right to watch all the guys change and they get their jollies off on this. It got me thinking.

Why not make the gym all coed. The showers and changing areas would all be shared. Make it an equal opportunity area for both homosexuals and heterosexuals. First off all those slobs would probably be called out by the ticked off princesses. Can you imagine some guy trying to stretch his pecker acoss the vent of a wall mounted blow dryer with women present? Or the gays living nude in the changing room not being told off? Some women would object to sharing the areas with men but if so let them go somewhere else.

Why hasn’t this idea caught on before? It would cut down on the ugh factor, make cleaning for the staff much easier, and be all-in-all a good idea. What’s wrong with it? If I had the money I’d start a gym like this.

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