Ivor O’Connor

July 10, 2013

Avoiding Google

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I’m going to subscribe to the Linux Format magazine because they obviously have the same frame of mind as me. I so badly need to escape Google’s clutches. They have devoted a whole episode to escaping Google.

Anyways since I haven’t read that article and I just discovered on my own the following three items randomly this week I thought I’d post.

Google killing off Latitude, shifts location sharing to Google+

6 Reasons Google Keep Can’t Replace Evernote


I’ve been very happy with Opera 15. Unfortunately I have to fall back to FireFox often because Opera 15 is not full featured. This is a plus and a minus. The plus is that Opera 15 doesn’t slow down for all the extra crap that tries to load up in the other browsers. I like a snappy web browser. If I need the extra bloat FireFox is available. Other browsers may appear to be faster than Opera 15 if you look at bench marks. However in the real world Opera is obviously faster as anybody should quickly notice.

I don’t know anything about Evernote. But I’ve downloaded it now and will hopefully start using it. There is no way I’ll ever use Google Keep.

And then there is the reason for this post. Google Latitude going the same way as Google Reader. I was shocked when I read that they are removing it. I used Google Latitude to keep track of my kids at one point. Knowing where they are is handy. Google+ though is just one big mess that needs to be avoided along with all social media in general.



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