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June 29, 2009

CLI To JavaScript

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Here is how to access JavaScript from the command line:

sudo apt-get install spidermonkey-bin

pacific-blue@pacific-blue:~$ cat common/bin/js-cli-example.js

print (“Hello World”);
pacific-blue@pacific-blue:~$ js-cli-example.js
Hello World


June 28, 2009

NPR Podcasts

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NPR over the decades has become very cautious. They do not want to lose their funding from the government. As such they simply repeat the current political lines. Take for example their coverage of Iran and lack of coverage about the killing of the abortion Doctor. Or Nina Totenberg praising our two party political system as being the best possible system. (Never mind the fact the lobbyists control both parties, and Nina Totenberg too, and therefore there is no real difference between them.) The end result is I can’t listen to NPR for long without wanting to puke. Yes the “news” on TV is worse but I don’t watch TV. So I’ve become a very selective NPR listener. I can put up with “wait wait, don’t tell me”. A bit of Scott Simon’s Weekend Edition Saturday and almost always his guest Daniel Schorr who often has an excellent perspective. And then there is the sketchy Science Friday.

Science Friday has some good information mixed in with bad information. I usually listen to it via real audio. However this morning I noticed I could not replay the segment. Microsoft had pulled a trick on NPR. Their advertising blocked the replay of the segment. Instead of a quick sound bite extolling the virtues of their company it was now requiring you to click on their advertisement which would then take you to their website. It looked like there was a survey they were requiring before they’d allow the NPR segment to continue. I not liking NPR or M$ smiled.

However I did want to hear the segment on hydrogen storage. So I decided to check out the podcasts and see if they finally fixed things. Sure enough they finally got it right and the segments can now be downloaded. It’s not totally intuitive yet but it is good enough. Now I can download just the topics I want and listen to them as often as I want without having to be connected via Real Audio. They even have a link saying download. Fantastic. I can download them in MP3 format. I’d prefer more options such as democracy now supplies. Say a download option of Ogg and Flac. However MP3 is useable enough.

June 25, 2009

Gibabit Switch GS608

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NetGear has a nice Gigabit Switch with 8 ports that only costs $27 after tax, shipping, and rebates via NewEgg. I ordered it this morning since I can’t find the time to locate my 100Mb switch.

UPDATE 2009.06.26: It took only one day to arrive. Out of the 7 currently used ports only one is being used at gigabit speed. It looks nice and gives me something to grow into. I probably should have bought a 16 port switch…


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On Ubuntu 9.04 iotop can be installed. Batch mode showing only the active threads every minute seems best:

iotop -bod 60
Total DISK READ: 0 B/s | Total DISK WRITE: 1.66 K/s
3279 pacific- 0 B/s 0.13 K/s 0.00 % 0.00 % gconfd-2
784 root 0 B/s 1.13 K/s 0.00 % 0.00 % [kjournald]
3465 pacific- 0 B/s 0.13 K/s 0.00 % 0.00 % firefox
2502 syslog 0 B/s 0.20 K/s 0.00 % 0.00 % syslogd -u syslog

June 24, 2009

Public Vs Charter Schools

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Democracy Now has an excellent article on June 23rd about Charter schools. The assistant director Kenneth Suratt of the “Center for Research on Education Outcomes” at Stanford University exposed in a report how Charter schools do compared to public schools in 16 states. This is despite the dirty tricks Charter schools use to kick out underperforming students into the public school system! However Charter schools are big business with the parents who want religion instead of science taught to their children. Charter schools do not have standard pay structures either. There are no teacher unions for protection. So the teachers are underpaid and the principals overpaid. With no financial accountability Charter schools arm their lobbyists with much more money to push their causes in Washington too.

Despite this the Obama administration is, once again, following the lobbyists. Arne Duncan, Obama’s Education Secretary, says he and the President are big supporters and will spend 52 million more on charter schools in 2010.

It would be much better if Charter schools were all closed and the money spent on public schools. Public schools are much closer to catching up with the rest of the Industrialized World than Charter schools. Let’s stop sinking further down the ranks of third world nations.

The Gnome System Monitor Sucks

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Sucks your CPU dry… By itself it will utilize 50% of your CPU resources. It’s incredibly wasteful. Here’s the test to prove it to yourself. Simply start it up and click the resources tab so you can see the cpu activity. It will probably show that close over 25% of each CPU is running. Perhaps even over 50% of both CPUs at times. Then click on the process tab. Nothing appears to be eating the CPU. Now click on all processes and you’ll see what’s going on.

Click back to the resource tab and start top. Check out the CPU activity and then kill the gnome system monitor while viewing top. Notice how the CPU utilization goes back down to 1 or 2%! You’d think they’d design a system monitor for gnome that doesn’t eat up half the system resources it is suppose to be monitoring!!!

Troubles With http://atbhost.net

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My free account at http://atbhost.net, http://ioconnor.atbhost.net vanished. Granted I have not logged in for a while with all that is going on but destroying the account for no reason and no email to alert me to take action is not cool. I’ve written them an email including my original login information they sent during the registration process. I’ll update this with the information I receive from them…

I got a response of sorts from ATBHost. The announcement was up for a while? Where? In the basement of a planning office where both the lights and stairs had been removed, in an old filing cabinet locked in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying “Beware of the Leopard”? I guess it would have been too much trouble to warn their free users. And it would take too long to refer or give an explanation. Or comment on the possibility of something like this ever happening again. Or acknowledge some shame.

I will not be using them again.

ATBHost Support wrote:
> There was an announcement up for a while, but you will need to sign-up again.
> —–Original Message—–
> From: Ivor O’Connor [mailto:ivor.oconnor@gmail.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 10:30 PM
> To: ATBHost
> Subject: Re: Hosting account created
> I tried logging into my account today but it no longer appears to exist.
> So I then attempted to view the information I uploaded. It is no longer viewable.
> Did I miss something? What happened? How do I get things going again?
> ATBHost wrote:
>> Hello ioconnor,
>> Thank you for your order.  Your account is now ready to use, and your account information is as follows:
>> Username: ioconnor
>> Package: Free
>> Domain Name: ioconnor.atbhost.net
>> Signup Date: 2009-03-31 13:25:24

June 23, 2009

Gigabit Network Again

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Tom’s hardware, which surprisingly I’ve been reading for something like 15 years now, has an article on what can be expected when upgrading to a gigabit network. I actually read the whole article. They found no appreciable difference in speeds between the cables, their lengths, and outside interference.

They did bring up hard disk speeds as being the bottleneck. Despite this they experienced a two fold speed increase over a 100Mb network. That’s much more than I expected. I suspect I won’t see this since I use laptops. Just to verify I’m running bonnie++ in the background. It will probably show the disk speed to be half of theirs.

Still I may want to upgrade to gigabit speeds. Especially if I put in a file server…

June 19, 2009

Iranian Election Hoopla

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There is quite a stir about the Iranian election. Our government asked the folks running youtube to allow the protestors to upload their videos. Against strict youtube policies to the contrary. Our American government also asked the twitter folk not to do their scheduled downtime. We don’t want the Iranian protestors to lose momentum. Talking heads discuss Iran with various titles such as “emergency breaking news” despite it happening last week. I don’t know but I’d bet our government has something to do with this too.

The facts are over 85% of the population cast votes in Iran. This is what a true democracy should be like. Something we could aspire to considering we rarely get 30% of the people to vote here. They’ve also got actual demonstrators in Iran. Here in America our demonstrators are told they must demonstrate in approved demonstration areas. Usually a fenced off clearing far far away from anything but wildlife and where only other demonstrators can be seen. Again we could only wish we had the freedom of the Iranians. I don’t know if the elections were rigged there. The mathematicians say it seems well within expected mathematical ranges. Not like in our country where Diebold, the leading electronic voting machine, guaranteed their machines would elect Republicans. (Which they did giving, in some districts, more Republican votes than the total number of people living in the district.) Again we could only wish our politicians were as honest as the Iranians.

The big problem as I see it are the Iranians are too honest. They make jokes about things like our former President Bush. And they won’t roll over and play dead like most countries when we threaten to bomb them back to the stone age. This type of threat may seem so over the top you’d think it is a bad joke but apparently it’s one of the earnest threats our great country repeatedly uses to convince other countries to participate with us. A simple google is all that is needed to verify this. There are also sound clips of this too. (UPDATE 2009.06.20 And when countries see our indiscriminate bombings as shown here it makes the threats seem much more plausible.)

I wish we’d leave the Iranians to themselves. Let them sort things out without our “help”. This is too much to ask for. I know. We can’t leave things alone for some reason. Unless it’s to do something good within our own borders. Like, say, perhaps, making lobbying a crime…

June 18, 2009

Google-Gears Gets The Last Laugh

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Google gears with their lack of support is causing me too many problems. If they can’t be bothered to officially support the 64-bit version of Ubuntu then I’ll have to use the 32-bit version. Like I always say, I did not make the world. I merely try to survive in it. As such I now realize it’s easier to use the 32-bit version. Especially since google gears done by some do-gooder does not work with the new release of Firefox this week and I really really need to have google gears working.

So I’m going to be running side-by-side a 32-bit version of Ubuntu. It’s a shame to have to reinstall everything. On the positive side it gives me a bit more experience being portable…

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