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September 30, 2012

Autossh, screen, and coffee shops

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The coffee shop here has a horrible internet connection. Fortunately though there are some tools to help.

First there’s “autossh” instead of “ssh”. With autossh you don’t have to keep retyping “ssh ….@….” each time the connection goes out.

Secondly there is “screen”. I don’t know how people lived without screen. It allows for multiple shells with only one connection. So you can have your sql cli shell, your vi shell, your tail on the error log shell, and a shell where you execute the commands. Then bounce or go directly to the shell you want. (I sometimes set up keys specially for that so I don’t have to press ctl-a-shell#)

Finally, a little addition to the .bashrc so that once the connection resumes everything returns, almost, to exactly where you had left off. This way you don’t even see the 6 hiccups that happened while sipping coffee. from http://taint.org/wk/RemoteLoginAutoScreen

# Auto-screen invocation. see: http://taint.org/wk/RemoteLoginAutoScreen
# if we're coming from a remote SSH connection, in an interactive session
# then automatically put us into a screen(1) session.   Only try once
# -- if $STARTED_SCREEN is set, don't try it again, to avoid looping
# if screen fails for some reason.
if [ "$PS1" != "" -a "${STARTED_SCREEN:-x}" = x -a "${SSH_TTY:-x}" != x ]
  [ -d $HOME/lib/screen-logs ] || mkdir -p $HOME/lib/screen-logs
  sleep 1
  screen -RR && exit 0
  # normally, execution of this rc script ends here...
  echo "Screen failed! continuing with normal bash startup"
# [end of auto-screen snippet]

September 29, 2012

Sittin’ thinkin’ sinkin’ drinkin’ Wondering What the hell is wrong…

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… with women today. I’m at a coffee shop and these two women, in their 20s, babies in toe, are in the chairs next to me here in the corner chattering. They are both beautiful. Dressed in very skimpy clothe with lots of leg, arm, and tight clothing. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Nice smiles. Correct proportions. They have everything on a superficial level. Apparently they live in nice houses. One is talking about how she has just got new furniture, carpeting, and what not.

Unfortunately I was close enough, before I put pandora on and tuned them totally out, to hear them talking about the number of times they have taken their husbands to court. Their attorneys. How they are playing CPS for everything it’s worth. Child support payments. Getting their X’s on child visitation schedules that are convenient for them and only them.

It’s a shame people like these exist. They just suck the life out of society. Instead of working and earning their way through life they have instead “dug for gold” and plan on making the most of their looks until they have none. It’s a shame there is no telephone application where people like these could be marked. They should be brightly colored like some poisonous snake.

The best and perhaps only solution to avoiding harpies is to only associate with gifted accomplished people. People who have demonstrated with time and effort they are not worthless leaches of society. Strategically breeding to further their lives.

Sittin’ thinkin’ sinkin’ drinkin’ gives me the time to wonder if the Greeks had any words of wisdom about women like these… Maybe this is why they were mostly gay. Marriage and especially children are perhaps an antiquated idea that should be strongly discouraged. Or perhaps it’s time to move to Norway where religion, crazy politics, and harpies might only be encountered while on vacation…

September 28, 2012

Vote for Gary Johnson!

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Got this via email today. I totally support Gary Johnson for President. To me there is no difference between the worthless Democrats and Republicans. Both get their marching orders from the same set of lobbyists. They both want you to hate the other and not realize they are doing exactly the same thing. Well I’ll never ever vote for a Republican or Democrat. And as much as I like Gary Johnson I won’t give him any money to spend on advertising. It needs to be a strictly grass roots campaign. (Giving money to the media is another thing I’ll never do.) But I’ll gladly spread the word. Here’s the email I got from them today:

“I heard two Gary Johnson radio ads today!”

“I’m jealous, my husband heard one of Gov. Johnson’s radio spots.”


These are the kinds of messages we want to hear – and we’re hearing them!

Thanks to your financial support, more and more voters every day are hearing Gov. Johnson’s message over the airwaves on their way to work or during their favorite talk show.  And those radio ads are having a very real effect. The crowds at Governor Johnson’s events are growing, our phones are ringing more than ever, and in key states across the country, his poll numbers are gaining.

With only 42 days left before Election Day and many voters already beginning to receive their ballots in the mail, the American people are beginning to really focus on the choice they have to make in the Presidential Election – and the polls continue to show that a great many of them are not very comfortable with either the Democrat Obama or the Republican Romney.

That’s why our advertising is so critical right now, and why we must keep it on the air.  You can do just that by going to www.garyjohnson2012.com today and making a contribution that will buy one, two, three or more radio spots in a key swing state or on a popular talk show.  We are on the air today because of those contributions, and we must stay on the air.

As the other side of the globe erupts in anti-American protests and violence – voters are looking for a candidate who pledges to bring our troops and our dollars home.  As the Fed pumps more devalued dollars into an economy already stimulated to death, voters are looking for a candidate who will turn off the printing presses and protect our dollars from becoming worthless.

And as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney flood the airwaves with negative attacks on one another, Americans are looking for a candidate who is worried about their jobs – not just getting a job for himself.  That candidate is Gov. Johnson, and our challenge is to make sure those voters know it!

That is precisely what your contribution at www.garyjohnson2012.com will do.

The Republicans and Democrats are doing their best to silence Gov. Johnson.  They know voters will respond when they learn of his record, his plans, and his vision of an America where Liberty is safe.  That’s why they are still working to keep him off the ballot, and why they are determined to keep him out of their debates.  But we have you, and thousands like you across the country, who won’t let that happen.

42 days.  That is how much time we have.  Let’s make it count, and that begins with having the funds we must have to keep Gov. Johnson on the air, the yard signs going up in neighborhoods, and the bumper stickers going on cars.  Please go to www.garyjohnson2012.com today and keep us on a path to make history in November.

Your support has brought us a very long way.  The next few weeks will be exciting, challenging – and historic.

Thank you,

Ron Nielson

Senior Advisor

Gov. Gary Johnson

P.S.  Governor Johnson is halfway through his nationwide tour of college campuses.  Everywhere he goes, young people are signing up to help.  Your contribution will help us reach out to even more of them!  Go towww.garyjohnson2012.com.

September 26, 2012

Pandora Is Having Network Problems

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This past week I’ve been having a hard time streaming Pandora music. Whether it’s across my FiOS connection or across my cell phones. Either way there are lags where the music is interrupted. There’s not much anybody can do. Except hope in a week or two they’ll figure out what’s wrong and fix it. I have to take them off my automatic payment system.

That reminds me a couple of years ago when I did not pay for the service any longer they blocked my client from using the free service. Then there is the problem of them deleting my channels out. I think I’ll look for some other provider of streaming music. Thinking about all the problems I’ve had with them makes me not want to continue. 

(Unless they get their act together well before the next billing cycle so I forget about them.)

September 22, 2012

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Phone Battery Problems

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Most of the carriers pre-load the cell phones up with junk applications and branding. Verizon goes a step further. They check the serial numbers of the batteries to verify they were sold by Verizon. When the phone is booted up you get a warning you must reply to stating your battery is not authorized and that the charger has been disabled. Not a problem if you have external battery chargers like I do. And since I can buy two batteries and an external battery charger for under $10 it’s quite a deal compared to their $50 batteries. (Just look online.) So I had been doing this for a while but my batteries seemed to be going dead in a few weeks. When the eighth battery went dead I angrily switched to a sprint samsung galaxy. (All galaxies use the same batteries.) Much to my surprise the “dead” batteries worked fine on the sprint phone. So then I tried each battery that worked in the sprint phone back in the verizon phone. They worked now! I tried the remaining dead batteries that had not yet been in the sprint phone in the verizon phone and they did indeed showed up as dead. I stuck them then in the sprint phone without charging and they worked fine. Then without charging back in the verizon phone and they worked.


Apparently Verizon doesn’t mark the batteries dead immediately and lets them be used for a few weeks to trick you into thinking they are cheap and go bad. In reality they are playing head games on you in the hopes you’ll buy their authorized batteries at a 10x markup. I’m thinking I’ll never buy another Verizon product in my life. Hopefully this post will convince others not to buy Verizon products too.

September 12, 2012

Only 18% of a google search screen is search results?

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According to http://blog.jitbit.com/2012/09/googles-serp-is-only-25-serp.html only 18% of the pixels on a web page for a google search is actually search results. 

Makes me think I should quit using google. The hard part would be getting off their email, reader, and docs.

September 10, 2012

Hackathons? What are they and how can I use them to my advantage?

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I saw this article on hackathons and it’s peaked my interest. I need to learn more about what they are and how I can use them to my advantage.

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