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May 20, 2011

End Of World?

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Religion. It’s like believing you are special at a casino. You just need a strong belief and it all works out for you.


May 17, 2011

Changing Opera’s Ctrl+k To Ctrl+e

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I keep forgetting how to change the behavior of Opera’s ctrl+k key to do the same as firefox, chrome, and ie.

Here’s how:
Alt i p
Menu > Settings > Preferences
Advanced > Shortcuts > Keyboard setup, hit ‘Edit’
Search for the “k ctrl” keyboard shortcut and change it to “Focus search field”.

May 3, 2011


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While configuring my wonderfully fast new LMDE, (Linux Mint Debian Edition), machine today I discovered all I have to do is install the libboost-all-dev package from synaptic and everything will be there. No more installing separate libraries one-by-one!

May 1, 2011

Linux Mint > Ubuntu 11.04

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I’ve been playing around with Ubuntu 11.04 on a couple of machines for almost a week now. Ubuntu 11.04 has an entirely new user interface to it making doing even the simple things very difficult. Even opening a shell is a major task. You have to click on an apps icon. Then carefully maneuver the mouse to a little triangle that will display all the apps and wait 5 seconds for the interface to respond. Then you must slowly and carefully scroll down. If your mouse deviates outside the area you must restart from scratch because the window will close. In another 5 seconds you’ll find the terminal app. Now if you want a second terminal, shell that is, you can’t get it. The menu only lets you open a single shell. The final kick in the nuts is the color scheme the shell uses. It’s very hard to read.

Most everything must be tweaked with this new unity interface and it would take weeks to get the new interface to the point it would be as productive as the old interface. I doubt it’s possible though. This all can be bypassed. Simply install the latest version of linux mint. Everything works right from the get-go and there is no fancy smancy interface requiring weeks of tweaking. No downtime.

Ubuntu seems to be run by kiddies more interested in blinding you with eye-candy than allowing you to be productive. Screw them. Stick with Mint. Remarkably I’m not alone in this either. Looks like people are voting Ubuntu out in favor of Mint as shown via the download stats at http://distrowatch.com/.

Today I found somebody from the Linux Journal who shares my opinion about the mess. He’s much nicer than me and merely calls it “bizarre” over and over. Questioning how they could justify the ergonomics. He doesn’t even touch upon the fact the unity interface doesn’t allow opening more than one terminal at a time. Notice how he has to very carefully has to click on the expand triangle. Very ┬ávery difficult without a mouse on a laptop. Slows everything down to a crawl.

I’m now switched over to Mint with Debian as a base. After having been almost exclusively an Ubuntu user for many years. Anyways Mint with a Debian base is called LMDE for Linux Mint Debian Edition. I’m surprised how much faster it is than Ubuntu. Things seem to open about 4x faster than they had with Ubuntu. The speed difference is incredibly nice. Furthermore LMDE uses the latest somewhat stable software so it’s years ahead of the official Ubuntu releases. And always will be because Debian uses rolling releases. So when something becomes stable it immediately becomes part of the OS. Not everything works though but it’s ok with me. For instance the “Update Manager” is busted. Instead you must use “sudo apt-get upgrade” and dist-upgrade. The other thing that doesn’t appear to work is the auto-login. I have to enter my password every time I reboot. Other than those two issues everything is much better than with Ubuntu. Bye-bye Ubuntu!

Perhaps they switched to Unity because it would be great for tablets. The big icons on the left make sense in that environment. It should have been an option. Now that I’ve seen there are better alternative distros available I’m not inclined to return to something that’s inferior.

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