Ivor O’Connor

February 3, 2014

vim.spf13.com The Ultimate Vim Distribution

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I got tired of it before because it was so buggy. So many things thrown together that were not documented and either did not work or conflicted with things in another way. Like the line numbers that were relative instead of absolute and couldn’t be changed. Today though I tried installing it to see how it has progressed in the last half year. (Spf13 is free and done by a single passionate person so it is one of those scenarios I always hope for the best but realize he probably has no more time than I do.)

Well the line numbers are now absolute but the documentation is still terrible. If you press <leader>tt as instructed on the website an error message pops up about a plugin not being installed. The website says “Note: For full language support, run brew install ctags to install exuberant-ctags.” I assume “brew” is for macintoshes because there is no such command on linux. If that is not bad documentation then you can look into how to use PIV. There are no links or explanations. These examples of poor documentation could be elaborated on for hours.

Basically spf13 has every bundle imaginable thrown in until things are not working. I thought I would keep at it and spend an hour a day on each one of the bundles figuring out not only what they were suppose to do but the keystrokes needed to do them. I spent a few hours doing this. But then I gave up because on this laptop spf13 slows things down to the point I’m working around the pauses and hoping things will eventually show as I typed them. They don’t though. So say if you are putting in <br/> at the beginning of lines that need it by positioning the cursor on the line and repeating the I<br/><esc> by pressing ‘.’ it will not work. Instead one of the bundles removes the ‘<>’ brackets.

I’m writing this to myself so that the next time I’m thinking of installing spf13 I’ll know why it won’t work. It’s far too slow. Makes bad assumptions. Is undocumented. And would require me to learn it and the packages which takes more effort than me installing and learning the packages myself.

On a side note it is easy to get rid of:

  • rm -Rf spf13-vim-3/
  • mv .vimrc.local .vimrc
  • rm .vimrc.bundles

Keep in mind to make a copy of your .vimrc before you install spf13 though.


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