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April 23, 2010

DELL Warranty Extension?

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Just say NO!

The problem with Dell is their customer support and the fine print of their contracts. Essentially it is so time consuming to deal with them over the phone that unless your time is worthless to you’ll be losing money and large portions of your life. Their support system will route you between different departments for hours. And they will ask you the same questions repeatedly. They will then lose the connection and you’ll have to start all over. Or they’ll put you on hold for hours until you hangup. Basically it’s a racket, like any insurance is, that is meant to get money for nothing.

Look at it another way. The only thing you should be buying from a place like DELL are cheap laptops for about $500. These are throwaway machines. They’ll last for a year of use and then be retired to the desktop to act as internet radios, connectors for magic jack, and dumb machines to interface with scanners, printers, and other hardware that does not work with *nix. There’s no need to spend $100 or $200 on insurance for these machines and then 10 plus hours trying to get Dell to honor their end of it.

All those poor fools who don’t take the time to build their own higher end computers, if they are really needed, deserve Dell. If you are reading my posts however you are too intelligent to waste money on Dell…

This was all triggered by an email I received today:

Please be advised that your Limited Hardware Warranty1 contract on one or more of your systems expires soon. After that time you will no longer be able to receive service and support assistance through your Dell warranty and support package to help quickly and cost-effectively resolve hardware issues.

To help avoid costly out-of-warranty repairs we encourage you to extend your Limited Hardware Warranty
1 and service package. We can assist you with identifying which service contracts are up for renewal and provide you with the option of extending your contracts to continue receiving the benefits of extending your services and warranty through Dell.


Upgrading A Hard Disk?

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I’m still working on that gaming computer from time-to-time. The hard disk windows score is only a 5.9. Apparently if I use Intel SSDs in a software RAID 0 configuration I’ll get 500MB/s performance. The question is how to do this without reinstalling everything. I’m looking at http://clonezilla.org/ but they state software RAID is not supported. I’m going to give it a try in a few months when I actually buy two of those SSDs.

Another good source of information on this topic is http://lifehacker.com/5517688/how-to-upgrade-your-tiny-hard-drive-to-a-spacious-new-one-and-keep-your-data-intact.

The best relevant information I’ve seen so far is this however:

-Create disk image on backup drive
-Insert new internal hard drive for old one
-Use Windows 7 install disc and point it at the disk image on the backup drive
-Watch the magic.


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PROS: It will be easy to pick individual links and follow them just using the keyboard. I’m going to download and start using it because of this feature.
CONS: Most of the browser keys have been standardized across browsers and I have already memorized them. Most of the features this product offer are simply a rehash of pre-existing de-facto standards.
MISC: It’s interesting Opera already has something like this built into it. (According to the comments posted at the youtube site.) I’m always impressed and surprised with Opera. The little company that keeps on thinking ahead of the curve and giving you the features you want before you know you need them.

April 16, 2010

Remembering CLI options

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I often try to arrange the letter options on commands so that they make sense to me. I’m not good at it though. From now on I’m going to use tools like the one found here http://www.wordplays.com/fcgi-bin/jumble.pl

I wish there were a command I could use from bash that would do this for me though.

Best “diff” utility?

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I was noticing two files were containing the same information earlier and I wanted to compare them. Without thinking I did a diff on them. Then I got to thinking there must be more visual diffs. Git for instance. With all the diffs they do their it must be very nice. Unfortunately when I looked at git diff it seemed to only work for versions of the same file. If this is not the case please correct me. I then tried vimdiff. It’s nice but the default color scheme is not workable and I did not want to spend an hour playing with it. (Why don’t the vim folk make a nice little popup that lets you modify colors easily. DUH!) So then I used sdiff. sdiff seems to work most intuitively but it’s ancient.

Anybody have better solutions?

April 7, 2010


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I’m glad the CEO responsible for selling the product-that-must-not-be-named and google with http://www.youtube.com/html5 are finally moving away from Flash. (Yeah, I have nothing to say. Just want a placeholder to test embedding the above.)

April 1, 2010

Elvis, Nixon, Boondocks.

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