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January 13, 2012

A Little Liquid WILL Destroy Your Keyboard.

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My keyboard has been destroyed. I loved my keyboard. Guess I’ll have to buy another. I bought my last two keyboards from PcKeyboard.com and can’t say enough good things about them. Except that they get dirty and you had better not clean them with liquids.

Does anybody know how to clean a keyboard?

I suppose I’ll buy another. Taking my old one apart was quite educational. I had to remove screws. then there were two screws keeping the circuit board pressed against a plastic piece to a terminal strip. That was very difficult to put back together. The back of the keypad is actually glued with foam to outside back so there is no way to separate the two without ripping it apart. But that is as far as you can go because the keypad boards are held together with melted plastic. Somewhere in there is the problem. Perhaps I’ll soak the whole thing in water or something and then put it back together. I suspect it will further destroy the keyboard though.

Are there any mechanical keyboards that are better than this one?


January 3, 2012

Debian is good enough!

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After playing with xubuntu on VMware I decided it was better for me than mint. So I installed it on one of my linux comps. It seemed to work fine from the DVD so I installed it. Once installed though XUbuntu did not know what to do with the second monitor. The second monitor just mirrored the first. There were no options to fix this. I searched for solutions and the only one that looked like it would work took significant amounts of time. More time than just downloading and installing a vanilla Debian. So I installed Debian.

Debian did handle the second monitor just fine. Debian understands multimedia too! So I can see YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, RealAudio, what not. FireFox was not installed by default. No big deal since I’m a Google Chrome fan. So I installed Chrome and it works just fine. A vanilla install of Debian seems to have everything one could want so I’m wondering why the need for Ubuntu or Mint? Debian even uses Gnome2 so one doesn’t have to fight silly interfaces. There has not been a single strange thing so far with Debian. No error messages. No warning messages. Everything installed perfectly and has worked perfectly. It’s really strange since Ubuntu and Mint area always having little minor problems here and there. Maybe Debian is the way of the future? It certainly seems the Germans think so. The entire city of Munich has switched to Debian. Guess I’m kind of behind the rest of the World. Debian has already become my OS of choice in just a few days replacing Mint and Ubuntu. If it continues to be so nice when the comps that run Mint and Ubuntu need updating I’ll switch them to Debian.

Some things are useful if done right off after the install:

  1. apt get-install synergyc
  2. apt-get install make
  3. apt-get install inetutils-tools
  4. alias ls=”ls -lart  | tail”

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