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March 25, 2013

100% of software engineers don’t like Justin Bieber

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I follow Elon Musk, SpaceX, Tesla, and Solar City as a hobby. Gives me something to do when I get bored and want to relax. Reading this article https://lwn.net/Articles/540368/ actually made me laugh out loud and put a smile on my face:

When the build fails, it should “fail loudly” with a “monitor that starts flashing red” and email to everyone on the team. When that happens, you should “respond immediately” to fix the problem. In his team, they have a full-size Justin Bieber cutout that gets placed facing the team member who broke the build. They found that “100% of software engineers don’t like Justin Bieber”, and will work quickly to fix the build problem.


March 15, 2013

White House Tours Cancelled?

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I find the “sequestration cuts” a perfect example of my understanding on how Government works. That is whenever there is a cut Government will cut the things that are needed most with lots of public visibility. They won’t stop the funding or expanding the porky boondoggles to the people that got them elected. Then they’ll act all innocent and say they have to “balance the budget”.

So I was fully expecting them to cut the interfaces to the public wherever they are doing something good or just expected of them. This time around they have:
Cut white house tours.
Cut food stamps. (600 million.)
Cut various Head Start programs. (424 million.)
Cut various prenatal care. ($50 million.)
Cut female shelters. ($9 million.)

I wonder if at some point there will be nothing the government can cut that will publicly hurt people. At that point will people realize government should be cut by 99%? Yes I think we’d be better off cutting back government by 99%. There are so many ways we could do this it’s ludicrous.

March 9, 2013

The Universal IDE: VI with SPF13

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This is a youtube video I made on how to install SPF13 on Linux Mint 14 XFCE. I like learning from youtube videos whenever possible. If in the future I want to install SPF13 and something is not how I remember it I can return to this video. SPF13 makes VI into a universal IDE. It works on most if not all OSs including windows and the mac.  Sure if you are working with something like AIX, HP-UX, or some platform that does not have vim installed SPF13 will not be for you. I’d recommend you put in your base .vimrc commands directly into the .vimrc.local file and use them along with SPF13. Picking and choosing what you find works.

UPDATE 2013-03-08: Insert the following line into your .bashrc file before starting to get full colors: export TERM=”xterm-256color”

March 8, 2013

Latest Western Propaganda Device: SimCity 2013?

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I have never played SimCity but that doesn’t stop me from having lots of opinions. I always have lots of opinions.

This morning while on the treadmill I was listening to a show on Jupiter Broadcasting called SciByte and they were promoting SimCity 2013. How much fun it was and how you could play online with friends. However the things they thought were important irritated me. Why the need for a fire department? Or a police department? Why coal plants? People should not build until they can build something that will not burn. Society should support education and events so that no citizen is left behind and feels so desperate as to steal. Coal plants are not cost effective compared to say solar thermal for baseline 24×7 power. Then there are wind turbines that can be installed across the country and linked together with HVDC lines as well. With the law of large numbers and a little math wind can be overbuilt to the point it is all we need. And as Tesla is showing battery powered cars are the immediate future. His current S series is great though at 50-100K still too expensive. Even though they are selling out as fast as he can produce them and has a backlog of over a year. His next model, the model-X, will be a soccer mom van with 4 wheel drive and priced 30-50K.  So what’s this SimCity game teach? Any of these values to get Americans thinking positively?

Well first off it is only available on PCs. I understand they have a Mac version on the way or sort of here. No mention of a Linux version though. No Linux version is a show stopper for me. However after reading the review in Scientific American I’m thinking the game might have some positives.  SA copies in a quote from the games creative director Ocean Quigley “I don’t want to enforce sustainable design principles in the game — I want them to emerge as natural consequences of your interaction with the simulation.”

However the senior software engineer Dan Moskowitz loses me with this statement “Those “natural consequences” can take a number of forms. Cities built to run on cheap, abundant fossil fuels can expand quickly, but overdependence may imperil those that don’t eventually diversify their energy supply”. I see the solar panels that are being “dumped” by China. They cost well under a dollar per kWh and over their life of 40 or more years become a magnitude or more cheaper than coal.

I don’t know if SimCity is a vehicle for distributing propaganda or not. I suspect it is though. The whole notion of a city is out dated. If it ever comes out for Linux I’ll be tempted to try it out if they have a free version. I’m certainly not going to pay up front for something that might enforce what I consider propaganda.

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