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March 22, 2010

Arundhati Roy’s View Of America

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I was reading the transcripts from http://www.democracynow.org/2010/3/22/arundhati_roy_on_obamas_wars_india and came across this. I think I like it only because it reflects what I’ve been saying for a long time now. And I only figured it out based on listening to what Osama Bin Laden said he was going to do right after 9/11. People tend to forget…

Well, I think the—you know, the saddest thing is that when the American elections happened and you had all the rhetoric of, you know, change you can believe in, and even the most cynical of us watched Obama win the elections and did feel moved, you know, watching how happy people were, especially people who had lived through the civil rights movement and so on, and, you know, in fact what has happened is that he has come in and expanded the war. He won the Nobel Peace Prize and took an opportunity to justify the war. It was as though those tears of the black people who watched, you know, a black man come to power were now cut and paste into the eyes of the world’s elite watching him justify war.

And from where I come from, it’s almost—you know, you think that they probably don’t even understand what they’re doing, the American government. They don’t understand what kind of ground they stand on. When you say things like “We have to wipe out the Taliban,” what does that mean? The Taliban is not a fixed number of people. The Taliban is an ideology that has sprung out of a history that, you know, America created anyway.

Iraq, the war is going on. Afghanistan, obviously, is rising up in revolt. It’s spilled into Pakistan, and from Pakistan into Kashmir and into India. So we’re seeing this superpower, in a way, caught in quicksand with a conceptual inability to understand what it’s doing, how to get out or how to stay in. It’s going to take this country down with it, for sure, you know, and I think it’s a real pity that, in a way, at least George Bush was so almost obscene in his stupidity about it, whereas here it’s smoke and mirrors, and people find it more difficult to decipher what’s going on. But, in fact, the war has expanded.

Arundhati Roy, award-winning Indian writer and renowned global justice activist. Her latest book is Field Notes on Democracy: Listening to Grasshoppers. Her most recent article is published in the Indian magazine Outlook called Walking with the Comrades


Health Care Insurance Passed :(

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Apparently we can no longer have insurance with huge deductibles because insurance companies like lots of money each month. We will be monitored by the IRS and forced to pay health care. And, well, there are still 2400 pages of small print allowing the insurance companies options not to pay what’s really needed.

As Obama so loudly pointed out today. This is CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN.


Opera 10.51 Beta Release

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http://snapshot.opera.com/unix/snapshot-6252/ has a list of different packages several of which are for debian (Ubuntu). This is a big deal since it is the first browser available on Ubuntu that will allow for sqlite storage using the new html5 specifications. So you can get started with your client side browser applications. There are a few problems. Apparently flash does not work. More like an enhancement than a problem to me. (Will we ever be rid of Flash?)

March 21, 2010

If Only

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Nice sentiment. However so many people have different opinions about the truth. It seems we need a fact check web site on everything now. However there really is no excuse for religion or our political system in America. Why more people don’t see through these basic problems is troublesome. Are we, as humans, just too stupid?

March 17, 2010

Health Care Insurance Thieves.

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From http://www.democracynow.org/2010/3/17/headlines#12

Penn. Nearly Doubles Cost of Low-Income Insurance Program

In other healthcare news, Pennsylvania has nearly doubled the cost of a monthly health insurance program for low-income residents. The program’s 2,400 recipients are on a waiting list for Medicaid coverage because they haven’t yet qualified. As of this month, their monthly bill went from $313 to around $600. State officials say they were forced to raise the price because the program covers many people in need of care. Pennsylvania’s state insurance commissioner, Joel Ario, says the price was increased despite acknowledgment it could have devastating consequences for those no longer able to afford medical coverage. In an interview with the New York Times, Ario said, “This is very likely going to send us into a death spiral.”

Wow. I’m over 50 now and I still haven’t needed more than $600 of health care in my entire life. (Well, perhaps my parents did when I was born.) And the insurance companies want low-income residents to pay this much per month?! And the Beatles thought they had it bad paying the taxman. This is robbery plain and simple. And the Democrats are going to vote this week to make us all pay the health insurance companies these outrageous rates? How much are politicians getting from the health insurance lobbyists?

Why can’t the government quit paying Haliburton and all the other war time profiteers and take this money to pay the tax payers medical bills directly, taking out the thieving health insurance companies, like every other industrialized nation in the World?

March 15, 2010

Toyota Denials

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Now Toyota is airing commercials of long term employees denying there is sudden acceleration due to electrical disturbances. Then the lady states she drives her kids every day with a Toyota and feels very secure.

Who is in charge of their PR? Have they seen Steve Wozniak say he can recreate the problem on demand in his Prius? How long will they keep airing commercials like the one I just saw? When will they start addressing the issues? Will they have more commercials stating there is no such thing as sudden acceleration due to listening to your stereo too loudly. And more long time employees stating they confidently drive their teenage rockers to school with the music on loud feeling safe from sudden acceleration?

I think they should admit they have not tested their software properly and publicly show the steps they are taking to fix the software.

Until then I will continue to be a loyal Toyota driver. After that I will still continue to be a loyal Toyota driver. Despite the morons in their PR department and the obvious lack of a good software department. Perhaps Toyota ought to double the pay of every person involved in the software end of their business and then double the number of software employees. It’s got to be cheaper than the three billion dollars or more this whole fiasco is going to cost them. Oh yes. Did I mention they should fire their PR department and get some people PR people in who know what they are doing? (Or is this one of those problems that are driven forcefully by a nincompoop at the top who should perhaps balance things more appropriately?)

March 10, 2010


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What’s worth watching on TV?

Most of it involves something to do with the sex, crime, and or drugs. I’m clumping in to the drugs category the “news”, Dr. Phil and his ilk, religion, and the various sports channels.

Instead shows like “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan catch my attention. What percentage of Hulu is this? How many new shows similar to this are produced today?

Calorie Counting Racket

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I’m fed up with people talking about burning calories to get in shape. BS! Anybody who is counting calories and then trying to burn them off is destined to become an American. Sure they can live off their youth and pretend to be burning calories but sooner or later they’ll give in to the drug called food and get fat.

The solution is so obvious but, well, for an American it’s almost unattainable. Shake, not stirred – uh burned, is the solution. Get out there and play some real sports for an hour or two. Or at a very minimum run 10K a day. Something that shakes up your body so your metabolism never gets around to absorbing what you eat. Instead it just flushes it right on through so you are always hungry and always thin. Not a hard concept. Yet when was the last time you heard somebody say it? Instead you hear the legions of fat calorie counters.

My gym is full of fat calorie counters. Led by fat instructors. I guess it’s their way of staying in business.

Retire? Who Wants To Retire!

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I’m listening to these financial pundits about retiring. What the heck is wrong with them. They talk about retirement like religious people talk about heaven. Things will be different in Heaven. Things will be different in Retirement.

Why the !#$! aren’t these people doing something they want to be doing so that they can continue to “work” forever?

Why Our Economy Is Not Going To Recover

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I’m constantly running into people who are saying the economy is about to recover. I think they are crazy. It’s obvious.

Think of the Titanic. It was large and there were hundreds if not thousands of rooms. If we think of the Titanic as our economy here in America and the rooms as various parts of the economy it becomes easy to understand. Our ship is taking in water. Our country is borrowing about 4 billion each and every day to keep afloat. It can be seen here at our national debt calculator. Sure there are many rooms on the Titanic that had no clue they were going down. Perhaps large casinos where gambling continued much like the NYSE continues today. And as it became obvious there were problems on the Titanic looting probably occurred. In our capitalistic system this is called dynamically adjusting to new opportunities. And of course the Captain is in denial. He points out to these lootings as successes and proof there is nothing wrong with the ship. This Captain is the Democratic or Republican president in charge.

Until our debt calculator reverses our country is in trouble. Unfortunately it seems like the ship is going to go down and we’ll all have to jump into the water and hope to be rescued by a new ship. We’ll continue to suffer for another 30 years until we realize we are a third world nation. We will no longer be able to borrow. Perhaps we should look at slum nations now to see how best to live our lives in preparation.

What’s changed in our country. Not much. We watched the World destroy itself in the World Wars. We were left with all our factories and lots of resources to supply the rest of the World rebuild. We confused this luck with “hard work”. As the rest of the World actually worked hard we never did. They rebuilt their factories and became self-sufficient. We on the other hand removed our factories and became very dependent on other countries to supply us for short term profits.

Now it’s time to watch how bad things get. I’ll continue to listen to people tell me how the economy is about to turn for the better. All the time being totally aware it is not…

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