Ivor O’Connor

February 22, 2009

Bill Maher, Religulousa

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Finally the DVD of this movie is out. (None of the 20+ theaters dared show a movie questioning religion within 50 miles of here.) However the movie had no teeth! It’s as if Maher does not have the intellectual capacity to take a bite. He’s certainly no Bertrand Russel. Perhaps this generation is not capable of recognizing and cataloging arguments? It would certainly be nice if somebody took over where Russel left off. Somebody who clearly documented the philosophical arguments and their problems. There’s no need to docilely keep confronting idiots the way Maher does. It would be much more exciting to move out of the gutter he operates in and interview intelligent people. As Bill Maher might put it, to interview the more elite “intellectual slave owners”. I’d like to know where each of these “elites” break down. How much smoke and mirrors are employed by each of the elites before they break down. I think Maher could progress up the ranks satirically taking on each elite with well known philosophical arguments while getting many more laughs…

Somebody that’s truly concerned about the subject and willing to devote their time to enlightening the human race, I’m not, should help Maher…



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