Ivor O’Connor

May 25, 2014

Election Signs Everywhere. What Do They Mean?

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It’s election time around here again. I voted already using mail in. I voted in my traditional way. I voted against any republican or democrat. If there were only republicans or democrats then I voted for a blank space. If there was a Libertarian I voted for them. Otherwise I voted for the Greens or anything else even if I did not recognize them. I would vote for the KKK or the Black Panthers if it were an alternative to a democrat or republican. Anyways the issue is the signs on every street corner.

This election cycle I actually know one of the candidates. I like him in person. Don’t know anything about his views other than I have to make excuses to get away from him when he starts talking. The best part is that when he does talk he puts in facts and details and not assertions and opinions. Anyway he has a very large district and his name is on almost every street corner. Some of the signs are huge and they are plastered everywhere. Holes have to be dug into the ground to hold the two posts that are required to hold these big signs. I can’t even find the time or desire to dig holes for trees. How he has put in probably thousands of these big signs and hundreds of thousands of these smaller signs is beyond me. But he is not alone.

There are zillions of signs. They don’t say what the person represents. Just their name. What do the signs mean? Are we suppose to be impressed with how they can put up so many signs? Are politics conducted by how many signs a candidate can put up? Are politicians in love with their names? I don’t get it.

I’m now actually looking at the signs and trying to figure out which candidate is running for which office and how many signs each has. So maybe signs work this way for other people. Maybe we are all dumbfounded by the number of signs and our curiosity pulls us into getting to know who is in office, how many signs they used, who wins, and whether there was any correlation between the number of signs and the election results.

Who pays for all these signs? What do they gain by paying for all these signs? Obviously there is nothing honest about this whole process. If I did not vote the way I currently do I would vote for the candidates with the least or no signs on the roadsides. They would have the best chance of being honest from an empirical point of view.

Anyways I’m thinking it would be great to go around and pull up all the signs and sign posts and use them for important projects. I can’t think of any use for the sign posts though. And is it legal to pull up these sign posts? It should be…


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