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April 23, 2013

Most Epic One Hour Conversation Ever?

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A dream conversation. Elon Musk and Sal Khan! Lots of interesting details never having been discussed before. Elon Musk certainly hits the nail on the head when Khan asks what he could do better with his Academy.

SpaceX Grasshopper At 250M

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Last Friday, 2013-04-19, the latest test was performed. This time to a new record height of 250M.

Personally I don’t understand why every damn news network on our planet is not showing this clip and the newspapers and everything else in the media is not talking about it. Right under their noses and they are missing the most important developments in the human race.

April 16, 2013

On English Royalty

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Over a thousand years of selective breeding led to Bertrand Russell. Who after taking it all in fled to America!

April 3, 2013

Where To Put Your Money?

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Usually I have no idea where to invest. For the first time in years I have answers. Two of them. Bitcoins and Tesla stock. I’m posting this as proof I saw this years before they became totally obvious to everybody.

Bitcoin is fairly obvious. America has not gone under because the rest of the world invests in it. It won’t last. The EU is having severe problems even though their economy isn’t 1/100th as bad as ours. Because the rest of the world has not invested in them. So they have to pay as they go and can’t print up funny money like we do. Cypriots can not take out more than a couple hundred dollars a day. Their banks closing their doors on a day-by-day basis. People who have over 100K have had 6% of their money stolen by these banks. The banks say preemptively “We are taking 6% because we can”. And the super rich have had their entire accounts stolen. Cypress is part of the EU. So is Greece and Spain. Everywhere on this planet the banking institutions have gotten out of hand. Bitcoin fixes this. As more people catch on and buy Bitcoin their money will grow. Much much faster than anything seen in any stock market. So take your excess money and buy Bitcoins.

Imagine if the citizens of Iceland had been using Bitcoin as their currency? Or the citizens of Cypress?

Tesla is another great place to put your money. They are poised to take over the car industry. With their leasing announcement yesterday the public can now have a Tesla S in their driveway for no money down and $500 a month. Most people can afford this now and they’ll buy into it. Tesla is already profitable. Now they are looking at a mountain range of pure gold. Furthermore Elon Musk has been doing PR like Steve Jobs had. This company is going to have a legion of cult fanatics. It won’t happen overnight. In ten years from now though it will be THE car. Kind of like looking around in the 80s and realizing American autos had reached an end. Tesla is the future and very profitable.

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