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May 26, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 sucks

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If you haven’t upgraded to 10.04 yet then save yourself lots of grief. They put the window control buttons on the top left rather than the top right. A minor yet needless irritation. And now I must use a password to log in. Despite the settings which say no do not use a password. And a screen saver that I can not disable requires that password I can not disable. More minor stupid irritation. Indications this release is anything but stable.

The truly unforgivable irritation, one that would prevent me from upgrading had I know about it ahead of time, is the automatic powering down of the laptops. I suspect there is some code in there that says it is running too hot and shuts down the computer. It will always happen if I now play any video. On any Ubuntu laptop. Not just video. If I have too many graphics or applications up I now run the risk of Ubuntu shutting itself down. It’s not acceptable. I’ve lost so much work since 10.04 has come out due to this bug. I will never ever again in my life use the latest version of their OS. I will stay one release behind. I promise this to myself. I keep hoping they fix this bug but as of a few minutes ago I just lost my work again.

IFF Ubuntu were truly a decent OS they’d make a “FALLBACK” option. This would work much like the upgrade button. However it would take you back to the old version. You know the version that might have been solid and workable? Before the Ubuntu kids stuck in all sorts of cool almost totally untested stuff.

Maybe this is an indication that I must use only thumb drives for the OS. That OSs and data do not mix. You can trust your data but you can’t trust any OS. OSs change too quickly and they will eventually screw you over.

Unfortunately both my thumb drives are damaged. They both have 10 year warranties. I’ve been too lazy to return them. Still the fact both are bad should be an indication to me as well. Don’t buy them again. Here’s a review of my thumb drive: ´╗┐http://usb-flash-drive-review.toptenreviews.com/corsair-flash-voyager-review.html

Notice they say it’s the only one that is water resistant. I doubt I ever got either of mine wet yet they are not working. Here is Corsair’s main site: http://www.corsair.com/products/flash.aspx

Unfortunately we must protect ourselves from OS problems and the best way to do that in today’s World is with USB bootable thumb drives.

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