Ivor O’Connor

November 16, 2010


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In the 70s I spent considerable vast chunks of my time going through his book called the “whole earth catalog” and I came to respect this person somewhat akin to a God. So I am listening to the episode in the title, while working on other stuff, and am horrified by what he is saying.

He seems to be on the payroll of the nuclear industry. I haven’t seen the whole episode yet but you’d think a guy like this would address both sides instead of doing a Sarah Palin routine. I wonder what he’s getting out of this? This is a prime example of why one must never ever give respect out due to past accomplishments. Respect must always be earned.

Too bad an old guy must go out like this…

Everything coming out of this guy’s mouth is now endorsed by the largest monopolies. The one’s with the most money. And rather than even attempt to come off with a balanced view he just spews straight from the PR agencies of each of these companies. I sure hope people take the time to put this guy in his place, find the kick backs he’s getting, and take them and more away from him.


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