Ivor O’Connor

October 20, 2013

Workaround XFCE’s Busted Power Management

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  1. AC powered desktop
  2. Linux Olivia Mint 15 64 bit
  3. XFCE Power Manager

Though the monitor is suppose to sleep and then switch off as set via the XFCE Power Manager settings it does not. Instead it looks as if a black desktop is displayed. When I look at my Kill-A-Watt display I see it only reduces the power requirements by a few watts.

After thinking about it I decided I might as well make the “Pause/Break” key turn off my displays. When the Pause key is pressed it executes a bash script which has in it the following two lines:

sh -c “sleep 1 && xset dpms force off”

Now my Kill-A-Watt meter goes down by 140 watts when I press the Pause key. (Using two 2560×1440 monitors that take a lot of energy.)

Unfortunately Mint XFCE keeps turning the monitor on and displaying a blank page. So I have made the pause key toggle between an infinite loop of turning off the monitor and turning off the script. Brute force ugly. I suppose someday I should take the time to figure out what wakes up the display every few minutes.


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