Ivor O’Connor

October 16, 2013

Linux Podcasts Suck

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As I drive, workout at the gym, and do generally mindless tasks I listen to podcasts. Since my favorite OS is Mint 15 64bit XFCE I naturally have in the past listened to the Mint Cast. However their vacuous ramblings and inability to grasp very simple concepts drove me up the wall. Was like trying to watch most tv. I felt ashamed. I finally quit when they discussed vi versus emacs and made it very clear they not only don’t know much but can’t research. Well today I was listening to the Sunday Morning Linux Review and finally had enough of them too. I have no idea why Mat thinks it is funny to insult Mary all the time. (I came to the conclusion it’s only to watch her always reply in a professional dignified manner.) However their general knowledge of Linux and BSD is so abysmal I might as well watch my chickens interact. I learn more watching Chickens.

I’m just not happy with the podcasts I hear. They seem to be insultingly juvenile like PaulDotCom Securit Weekly. Or full of old dithering people glad to be alive and will discuss their health, grandchildren, and what their doctors have told them. (Maybe I’m exaggerating just a little.) There are a few good shows out there on Jupiter Radio. But I have to listen to their broadcasts by downloading them and then clipping out the commercials via audacity. (I can’t handle 10 minutes of solid BS about about their sponsors.) A couple of European broadcasts are ok. But I’m so desperate I’ll even listen to Linux Outlaws and hang on their every word. Wish I could find some decent podcasts!


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