Ivor O’Connor

August 4, 2013

Optimal Hard Disk Layout?

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With hard disk space so cheap every OS can be put on a disk. So on this computer I’ve installed windows 7. Then mint 15 xfce and 14 xfce. Then a shared partition where these OSs can see each other’s data.

Originally I was going to have W7 & M15 but Mint 15 has problems. For instance USB headsets do not work. Everything, including USB headsets, work automatically with Mint 13 and 14. Mint 15 will probably be fixed in the next few months. So by keeping the OS installed I’ll know when things improve.

Here is where YUMI comes in. With YUMI it’s possible to install countless distros. Simply put the distros on the thumb drive and then choose which one you want to install on each computer. Or multiple ones on one computer like I’ve done.

The best way to move forward in linux land is to never write over your existing OS by upgrading it or installing the new version over it. Instead add the new OS version to the thumb drive, make a new partition of 20GBs on the hard disk, and install the new version from the thumb drive. Life is good.

Why don’t people come out and say this should be a standard way of laying out your hard disk and upgrading OSs?


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