Ivor O’Connor

August 4, 2013


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BittorrentSync is a wonderful idea but like everything has peculiarites that must be worked around. Here is what I have noticed and my work arounds.

1) Windows does not know how to handle the more complicated file and directory names seen on linux. So file names get “cleansed” and quite a bit does not get syncd properly. Try not to sync pure linux with windows. Instead you need three directories or more. One for windows only stuff. A second for files that can be used on both. A third for files only meant for linux. This configuration works nicely.

2) Excessive CPU utilization. BittorrentSync probably needs to be reworked to scale well. (I’m assuming it works fine with little CPU utilization with only a few files.) With hundreds of thousands of files and 100s of GBs of space the CPU utilization is always somewhere between 30 to 100% on every computer connected to the sync. My solution is keep BittorrentSync turned off most of the time.

These problems will probably be fixed. They are constantly coming out with new releases. It is a good idea and everybody should give it a try. It is a wonderful addition, perhaps replacement, to dropbox.


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