Ivor O’Connor

June 14, 2013

Linux Mint 15 Not Ready For Prime Time

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UPDATE 2013-06-19: I changed the vmware settings to give Mint 15 1.5GBs and it boots up fine. So now I’m running with Mint 15.


I’ve installed it on a few machines now. I installed it the moment it was released on my power machines using VMWare. I wasn’t happy with it because there seemed to be problems with putting xfce on. I assumed it was just growing pains. Tried to install it again a few days later on another but still troubles.

So earlier this week when I couldn’t sleep I attempted to do an upgrade on my beloved travel laptop. That laptop had Mint 14 XFCE and everything configured beautifully. I literally could leave it powered on for 8 days without the batteries going dead. Mint 14 is so wonderful. But after putting 15 on many of my settings were gone and now the battery would die in about 40 minutes like a normal laptop. Yesterday I attempted to fix it but much to my chagrin when the laptop was put into real use it would now crash every few minutes.

So I decided I’d try something I haven’t done in years. Put windows on as the base OS and run Mint 15 as a VMWare client. Windows 7 I like. It seems solid and handles all the strange new hardware drivers that are not written for Linux. So this morning I go to stick Mint 15 in the now Windows 7 laptop and it won’t boot after being installed. It just hangs. Not sure why but I don’t have the patience. I’m writing Mint 15 off as not being ready for prime time. Instead I’m installing Mint 14. It boots up fine after being installed. Furthermore I love Mint 14. It does everything a Linux OS should do.

I’ll run VMWare in full screen mode. Hopefully I won’t even see Windows 7 unless I need to use the network printer, the scanner, or something else that only has drivers for Windows. That is fully functioning drivers working the way they were intended to work. (Don’t get me started on linux driver support. It may not be their fault the drivers were never written for Linux but it is their fault for listing them as being fully supported when in fact they have more holes than a bug screen.)


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