Ivor O’Connor

June 8, 2013

Quora.com Is A Virus!

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I was looking at something half asleep and it said I needed to sign in to read it. It offered to use my Google account as a sign in method. Said yes and the next window thanked me for signing up and was filled with addresses of people from my gmail account Quora was willing to send enrollment forms to! WTF!!!

How about a class action law suit to put these Quora people out of business and perhaps into prison?

I killed the window. Then went back into Quora to unsubscribe. There is no way to unsubscribe and cancel your Quora membership. Why am I not surprised?

A little later I get an email from ‘investopedia-offers’. Apparently I’m now signed up with them?! They have an unsubscribe option. Click on it and I discover I’m subscribed to a page full of other nonsense. I unsubscribe from all of them. Now I’m getting email confirmations that the unsubscribes are successful. (How come they didn’t let me know I was subscribing to them in the first place through that virus called Quora?)

Now I’ve received an email from one of my children about some diet program. Apparently a Quora like program has email it to everybody in his address book. I’m worried that Quora sent him and others a link from my computer which he then clicked which then took over his email.

The management at Quora need to be fined and sentenced to a few thousand hours of community service for writing these viruses.

I have not seen anything so atrocious since the 90s. On the positive side this is another good lesson why I should NOT use GMail.


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