Ivor O’Connor

June 8, 2013

Barack Obama defends US surveillance tactics

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“President Barack Obama has defended newly revealed US government phone and internet surveillance programmes, saying they are closely overseen by Congress and the courts.”

When has our Congress and court system ever done anything right? It is the same old problem. You give away your freedoms to a group to monitor and you should expect problems within a decade. It is basic human nature.

I was talking to this person from the local city college. He’s a political professor. He’s the union rep for the teacher there. He thinks Obama walks on water, that we should be taxed more, and bigger government makes everything better. I said the Democrats were just the same as the Republicans and he got offended. After he regained his composure I told him the only solution I saw was Gary Johnson. Johnson is the only politician I know of that has dramatically cut government, balanced the budget, and won the wide support of all the people he represented. This “educator” then proceeded to tell me Libertarians are evil and would basically end all that is good everywhere.

I really think higher education should be free to all but our current crop of “educators” at every level need a purging.

Perhaps the problem is very few people have the time to become politically aware. They have to work. Their spouses have to work. They then spend the little time they have watching sports. Or taking a “vacation” once a year by going somewhere to do something totally mindless. So they miss things Obama is doing. Or Bush, or Clinton, or Reagan, or Nixon. All these presidents have been poisonous for our country. Yet people just fixate on whether they are “right” or “left”. Or now days it is becoming what race you are. Apparently 95% of the black people voted for Obama. Perhaps when the depression hits people will finally have the time to become politically aware and start looking at how a candidate has historically addressed issues that are important to them and start voting based on that. But as it stands now when the depression hits our government will have all the surveillance and enforcement it needs to keep things going the way they want. Thank you Obama.


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