Ivor O’Connor

March 15, 2013

White House Tours Cancelled?

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I find the “sequestration cuts” a perfect example of my understanding on how Government works. That is whenever there is a cut Government will cut the things that are needed most with lots of public visibility. They won’t stop the funding or expanding the porky boondoggles to the people that got them elected. Then they’ll act all innocent and say they have to “balance the budget”.

So I was fully expecting them to cut the interfaces to the public wherever they are doing something good or just expected of them. This time around they have:
Cut white house tours.
Cut food stamps. (600 million.)
Cut various Head Start programs. (424 million.)
Cut various prenatal care. ($50 million.)
Cut female shelters. ($9 million.)

I wonder if at some point there will be nothing the government can cut that will publicly hurt people. At that point will people realize government should be cut by 99%? Yes I think we’d be better off cutting back government by 99%. There are so many ways we could do this it’s ludicrous.

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