Ivor O’Connor

February 23, 2013

Ressurection Of Opera

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Opera has ditched their browser. They are laying off hundreds of programmers. And adopting chrome and web whatever. It’s really sad.

I wonder if they could have gained market share by simply adopting the short cut keys used by Chrome and Firefox? And when the two were different then adopt Chrome’s settings. Thereby making the browser friendly to newbs. They didn’t, lost market share, and now are forced to adopt the engines of others.

They have not been doing any marketing. I’ve virtually forgotten all about them and have not used them in years. I won’t do that again. I’m going to install Opera and try to use it as my primary browser. If at all possible I’ll use Opera for everything. I’d much rather support Opera than Chrome or Firefox. Chrome has become the evil empire and Firefox is deeply lost in committee meetings.

Well the Opera download script at their site thought I was running Ubuntu. I was worried they didn’t have a download for Mint. But they do so I clicked on it and it downloaded without problems. However when I went to install this fresh download I was informed there was a more up-to-date version in the software repository?!? Maybe they should work on that so nobody wastes time downloading? Ideally they should only have something downloadable if the repository is behind.

Installing from the mint repository got me 12.14.1738-1linuxmint. I’m not sure what makes this a more recent version than the 12.14.1728 I just downloaded fro their site. Perhaps it was the “-1linuxmint” at the end in the repository?

Well a ctl-k still attempts to pull up an email client. Bad. The address bar still has a search area to the right. Bad. They should emulate chrome as much as possible. Ctl-t does not work either. Ctl-n sort of works as expected. The browser seems to work on most sites but is a bit slow.

Tried downloading a page I’m developing and it took minutes and rendered the jquery improperly.

I’m going to try to live on Opera and hope I find some things really good there… However I can’t give up Chrome because Opera doesn’t render properly enough of the time. Opera needs to make things so there is no need what so ever to have another browser up. This is why they are losing.


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