Ivor O’Connor

February 8, 2013

“Boy Scouts” Need To Change Their Name To “Scouts”

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Or something similar. They can not exclude gay kids because the gay kids will just lie to continue to stalk straight boys. And if they can’t exclude gays then they won’t be able to exclude women because that is being sexist. Besides by then all activities will need to be handled in such a way as to take into account sexual aggressive boy kids. So the Scout organization might as well proactively make all their functions acceptable to both sexes and let everybody in before they lose more money to attorneys. At this point it is as impossible as protecting sandcastles from the incoming tide. The Boy Scouts need to wake up and adapt using much the same skills as they attempt to impart on their members. Or perish.

And a more disturbing thought. How many pedophiles are currently in the Boy Scouts. Forcing this organization to handle both sexes will go a longs ways towards cleaning out the pedophiles from their ranks.

Am I missing anything else? Here is what triggered this post. I didn’t actually watch the video.

Boy Scouts Put Off Decision on Ending Gay Ban

The Boy Scouts of America has delayed a decision on whether to end its longstanding ban on gay members and leaders. The ban was put up for review at a board meeting this week, but Scout leaders now say the organization will decide at a national convention in May. Click here to watch our interview with a leading campaigner against the ban, Zach Wahls, founder of the group Scouts for Equality


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