Ivor O’Connor

February 6, 2013

Are Publicly Held Companies Doomed To Fail?

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Watching the previous interview with Elon Musk confirming he would not take SpaceX public to ensure its future. Then the comments about how HP is where it is at because it is public. (HP now only produces crap.)  Along with how Ford stayed competitive because it still had marginal direction from family. Then there is Radio Shack which is merely a sliver of its former self. Virtually a kiosk scamming society with misleading contracts on cell phone providers and bad phones. Has there ever been any hope for public companies? Or have they always sacrificed their futures for immediate gratification? Perhaps it has gotten so bad that even the worst privately and poorly run company out-competes public companies. Perhaps the only way public companies can compete is by using their extra capital to buy the public companies? That doesn’t help society in general though. Perhaps the worst thing in America isn’t our incredibly stupid religious public led by corrupt politicians but Wall Street? How do we get rid of this cancer called “wall street” while still keeping our economy alive? Maybe a first step could be that all investments in the stock exchange must be for many years. Like five or 10 years to force investors to care about long term prospects…


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