Ivor O’Connor

January 29, 2013

First Interview Of Elon Musk In 2013. (By Popular Mechanics)

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Elon Musk Panel BTA 2013-01-28. There has not been much out lately that has been interesting. So this YouTube video is a delight:

Topics included in the talk:

  1. SpaceX
    1. What is yet needed to transport astronauts.
      1. Ascent phase
        1. Launch escape system
        2. Upgrades to rocket for more fault tolerant or test the living daylights out of those parts that can not be fault tolerant.
        3. Payload margins 40% above expected flight loads.
        4. Abort capability all the way to orbit using the Dragon’s engine.
      2. Descent phase.
        1. Version 1 of dragon, parachutes to water landing
        2. Version 1.5 parachutes to land landing in 1 to 2 years
        3. Version 2 or 3 landing with thrusters currently being tested with eight thrusters which are redundant with even redundant parachutes.
    2. Laser Radar scans the space station on approach and makes a model used for docking
    3. Advantage of liquid rockets are they can be turned off.
    4. 46 missions currently under contract of which 12 are from NASA. So economically stable even without NASA.
    5. Bigelow wants to do a private space station. Hmmm.
    6. He maintains private control of the system so he can take the long view on decisions and make big technological changes.
    7. What a Mars resident would do on the typical day.
  2. Tesla
    1. Super chargers giving 6 minutes of driving for every minute of charging. These being free throughout California currently and being built across the nation. The charging will be free but if you had to pay it the cost comes out to 30 miles per dollar of electricity.
    2. 3,500 people working high quality jobs doing all manufacturing in the USA and exports power trains to the rest of the World via Mercedes and Toyota. Tesla will financially break even in 2012-02. Tesla’s market worth is about three billion dollars.
    3. Talk about why the gull wing doors are good.
    4. The future of battery and capacitor technology in very general terms.
  3. Philosophy to motivate new engineers. Think of things by first principles, fundamental truths, with good feed back loops that include negative feedback from friends. Despite pointing out obvious physics expect not to be always understood. (He should have used Mitt Romney as an example here.) Instead solar panels in space is used and you can see how Elon reacts when frustrated.

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