Ivor O’Connor

January 16, 2013

Why Throw Money Away?

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Rebuilding in NYC area seems very akin to building sand castles on the beach. Or playing Russian Roulette. It’s like not funding the levy reconstruction in New Orleans and knowing full well at some point in time a Katrina will hit.

Why is America paying for the rebuilding of this area? It’s exactly the same as asking for $5,000 to rebuild another sand castle that will be wiped out on the next high tide. Only it’s billions if not trillions of dollars and the time is measured in decades rather than days. Surely somebody has the balls to stand up and say what the scientists have been saying for decades. I’m not expecting our country to be proactive and make dikes to ensure the safety for 1000 years like they are in the Netherlands but totally ignoring reality is akin to throwing money away. Maybe people just expect our Government to always throw money away stupidly? I’m sure if we had Gary Johnson as president he would look at the science and layout the financial facts with no regard to being politically correct!

House OKs Sandy Relief Bill After GOP Delay

The House has approved a $50 billion package for the victims of Superstorm Sandy after failing to pass the measure before the previous congressional term ended last month. Republicans had come under wide criticism after delaying the vote, forcing millions of Sandy victims to continue waiting for federal aid. Tuesday’s vote was approved over the objections of 80 Republicans who demanded that any spending on Sandy relief be matched by an equal amount in cuts to government spending.


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