Ivor O’Connor

January 16, 2013

Japan To Add The Equivalent Of One Nuclear Power Plant

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Japan to build world’s largest offshore wind farm

The interesting details:

  1. It “will generate 1 gigawatt of power once completed”. Probably this is the max it is capable of producing and the average wind will generate  only 1/3rd that?
  2. The ocean floor is 200M deep making anchoring expensive. Instead the turbines will be moored to each other in a grid fashion and the grid itself somehow tied to the ocean floor. Will this be the way of the future?
  3. The 200M high turbines 16KM off shore is within international waters but will be visible to all on clear days. To hide objects 200 to 400M high behind the horizon would require the turbines to be 3x to 4x further away and though outside of territorial waters still be considered within their economic zone.
  4. Typhoons, tsunamis, and seismic activity will not be a problem. (I imagine no power will be generated during any typhoon resulting in days or weeks of no power?)
  5. The Turbines will attract fish resulting in a “marine pasture”. Hmmm…..
  6. NO MENTION of costs…

Best wishes to them.

Elon Musk has said if PV panels covered the areas currently policed off for security surrounding nuclear powerplants throughout the world… That nuclear power plants could be switched off. (Charge up the Tesla batteries with the excess daytime power and use that at at night?)


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