Ivor O’Connor

January 9, 2013

What Santa Claus Should Have Brought The Linux Mint Team Last Year…

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Linux Mint XFCE has been good. It deserves a present from Santa Claus. I’m doing Linux Mint a favor and writing to Santa Claus on Linux Mint’s behalf. Linux Mint has its two front teeth. What Linux Mint needs more than anything else in the whole wide world is intelligent RAM usage. Mint needs only to write to disk when the computer is shutting down or requested to do so by the user. Mint needs this as an option under its Application Menu. An option like “Use Your RAM”! The RAM should be populated with the programs and the data the user has accessed over the last X days. So after Santa Claus comes next year all users of Linux Mint with 4GBs or more of RAM should never ever see their hard disk light up randomly. Please Santa Claus see to it that Linux Mint gets this before M$, BSD, Apple, or any other Linux Distro. You’ll make Linux Mint and all associated with it very happy. Especially the SSD drives. This paradigm shift should start with Linux Mint!

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