Ivor O’Connor

January 6, 2013

Linux Mint XFCE And Xrandr

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2012-01-31 UPDATE:  Today I realized the information in this post can be done via “‘Applications Menu’->’Settings’->’Session and Startup'” and then adding an entry to the “Application Autostart” tab. When commands have to by ordered so that xrandr runs first and then synergyc it seems best to make a bash file that lists the two commands and call the file from the autostart.  For example: #!/bin/bash; /usr/bin/xrandr –output LVDS1 –mode 1366×768 –pos 0x1200 –rotate normal –output DP1 –off –output VGA1 –mode 1920×1200 –pos 0x0 –rotate normal; /bin/sleep 1; /usr/bin/synergyc –daemon –restart


Something is busted with XFCE and it does not remember screen settings from one boot to the next. Using arandr when you only boot once a week is not a problem. However I’m booting this machine many times a day while playing with the SSD and it got to be annoying. The solution is to save the profile arandr produces and then put it into a file at:


1 [Desktop Entry]
2 Encoding=UTF-8
3 Type=Application
4 Name=me_monitors
5 Comment=me monitors
6 Exec=/usr/bin/xrandr –output HDMI1 –off –output LVDS1 –mode 1440×900 –pos 480×1200 –rotate normal –output DP2 –off –output DP1 –off –output VGA1 –mode 1920×1200 –pos 0x0 –rotate normal
7 StartupNotify=false
8 Terminal=false
9 Hidden=false

Wish I figured this out earlier.


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  1. You can even autostart it: http://www.hacktohell.org/2011/04/changing-buntu-screen-resolution-using.html#.UjXiEK6aCRs

    Then you even don’t have to click of double click. 😉

    Comment by lighans — September 15, 2013 @ 4:38 pm

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