Ivor O’Connor

December 16, 2012

Guy Kawasaki Drops Apple? (What took him so long!)

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When I used to pay to be a card carrying apple developer in the 80s I read his books from top to bottom. They were excellent and taught me much about what I think proper GUI design is. However by the 90s I was able to move past Apple and have never looked back. In all fairness Guy is not a free man and can’t change immediately. So it has taken him a bit longer!

Finally though, a few days ago, he publicly said he no longer uses anything Apple. Here’s an investment tip for everybody. Sell your Apple stock now before it devalues any further! Without Steve Jobs at the helm with his massive reality distorting fields telling the lemmings what to buy Apple is in trouble!

I find it interesting Guy uses the Samsung Galaxy S3 instead of the Samsung Google Nexus 3. Sure the Galaxy S3 is better than the iPhone5. But the Nexus 3s and 4s are the flagship phones Google uses for development. The Nexus phone doesn’t come tied to a carrier. It doesn’t come pre-installed with crap-ware you can’t remove. And Nexus phones get the latest OS updates along with being virtually un-brickable.


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