Ivor O’Connor

December 15, 2012

XFCE Panel Preferences/Etc..

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I just stumbled on the optimal, for me, XFCE panel setting. I have two screens stacked on top of each other and what seems to work best for me is:


    • Mode: Deskbar/Horizontal
    • Output: Automatic
    • Don’t reserve space on borders


    • Application Menu
    • Directory menu
    • Notification Area
    • Orage Panel Clock
    • Show Desktop
    • Window Buttons

And for the “Orage clock Preferences:

    • Line 1: %x sans 12
    • Line 2 %Y-%m-%d (%V) sans 10

Then under “Settings->’Window Manager'” Advanced:

    • Snap windows to screen border
    • Wrap workspaces when the pointer reaches the screen edge

And under “Settings->’Workspaces'”

    • Set the number to ‘1’

When I say stumbled I mean the putting the panel on the top of the top monitor so it takes up its own space. I had the bar at various other locations and nothing really worked out for me. Can’t believe how long I have been moving it about in every which way when the best solution is so obvious. I hope XFCE never changes!


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