Ivor O’Connor

December 3, 2012

Performance Based Marketing?

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I was hit up by another marketing company last week. I told them I was only concerned about their product if they were performance based. That I had to have a way to measure and quantify traffic they generated. That I would only pay them a subset of the additional profit they brought in. And finally anything they purchased with my money, with my approval naturally, would be the mine and not theirs if they failed.

Their senior accounts executive agreed over the phone but this is what was sent to me:

It was pleasure connecting with you recently, and I’m sending you info on our SEO program per your request.
As background information ,did you know that nearly 90% of consumers now use the internet as their primary search vehicle?
So, in order to succeed in today’s market, you have to attract the customers with the tools they’re currently using: computers, iPads, and smart phones.
In response, I’d like to introduce you to our Search Engine Optimization Program, one of our most popular programs, offered by Vanguard Business Solutions, a key partner of ours.
Our Vanguard partner offers you low-cost SEO programs that help increase your online visibilitygrow your customer base, andstrengthen your in-store sales!
The net result is your business will be optimized to the first page on the (Google, Yahoo, & Bing) search engine inquiries, so more customers can find you quickly and easily!
With our Vanguar partnership, we’ll first help you attract more clients to your business. Then, we’ll help you process your increased sales volume with our wholesale direct rates! It’s a win-win combination.
 As a special incentive, you receive a $100 monthly discount from Vanguard when you process with us!
To learn more about our programs, please visit our web site: bogus.com and check out our video on our Search Engine Optimization section.

Afterwards, I’ll be happy to get together with you in order to determine the best plan for your business model.  
Best regards,

So I clicked on all of their included information but their link to the web site was bad. Their attachments were huge but had no substance. So I looked up Performance-based Marketing on the wiki. The article is lacking. Is this concept so hard? What I’ll do in the future is tell them exactly what I expect and how we will both measure it. I’m all for honest advertising so I’ll give them a framework to perform in.


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