Ivor O’Connor

November 29, 2012

Downloading Youtube Videos?

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I tried an online course this week. It was interactive and required entering commands into a linux like window. There were lots of prompts and such. Kind of like “see spot run”. Enter in the name of the dog that was running. I got bored in 5 minutes and will not be going back. Even though they now have sent me a pass to use any of their material for two days.

You tube videos seem much faster. You can listen in the background and if something catches your attention you can backtrack. It seems to be the best way to learn a new subject because you don’t get bogged down and can sort of skim. Skim until you hit material that is interesting and then slow down and go slowly and let them “present”.

The next problem I encountered was trying to access the videos. Over the internet is slow and cumbersome. The adverts make them repulsive. Finding the videos a second time is problematic. And zipping to the right spot in the video is also slow. So downloading is the obvious answer.

Tried downloading on this laptop but nothing works. I was hoping to use youtube-dl but it won’t install. Probably because it is an old version of Debian Mint and the repositories are all confused. The Mint crew does not seem to care about old versions of Mint. They assume you are going to wipe your disk and install their latest version each time. So I found this site http://www.savevid.com. It complains about my Java being out-of-date but I click on the button to ignore the errors and run with the old version just this once and it all works. So now I am able to download youtube videos.

However a thumb drive is needed to store these videos on so they can be referred to wherever. I’ll attach it to my keyring. Learning is such a pain and the best ways to do it always seem to be changing. What else is out there besides youtube? A list of sites needs to be made and monitored so I can compile my video learning library which will be summarized into Anki…

So I stopped by my local comp store and picked up a 32GB thumb drive for $20. Works perfectly with Linux though the documentation said it only worked with Apple and Windows. Then I downloaded youtube-dl on another box that has mint 14 installed. Then started downloading videos. Even figured out how to move videos from the computer to the phone with the mini usb cable.


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