Ivor O’Connor

November 29, 2012

Anki: Universal Flash/Queue Cards Program?

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I have been using Anki for a few years. Anki is a program that runs on all platforms. “All” meaning from web browsers and via built in applications on Windows, Macintoshes, Linux distros, Androids, and even iPhones. Anki is free on all of these platforms.  Supposedly Anki only shows cards at the right times so that you can learn new material as quickly as humanly possible.

Ideally you have a single deck that just keeps on building which you test with daily. So say you start college and add relevant queue cards on every subject for four years. It would be a massive deck but Anki would only be pulling cards that are troublesome. Anki does not bother with cards that are well known except to once in a long while display that card to make sure it is embedded in your long term memory. A single card deck could represent every concept learned in life. Theoretically. Furthermore the Anki website can keep your cards in sync across the various platforms much like dropbox does for your files. For free.

My biggest problem is forcing myself into a schedule. Then there are other problems such as contradictory cards. As time goes on it seems like many of my cards “answers” need updating because the original answer is no longer right. Sometimes I’m not even sure which answer is right. So I’m trying very hard to put references in each answer so if I ever come across contradictory answers I can save time backtracking. Another problem I have faced is with scientific symbols and latex. Anki supports latex which I have used extensively and they look good with linux. These cards look like garbage on some platforms though. Androids do not understand latex for example. So as I come across latex formatted queue cards I now change them to use just the basics.

However if you only use linux and you want to use latex then you need to install dvipng and texlive-latex-base. (Maybe some other things but I’m not sure since I haven’t done this in a while.)

So if anybody out there feels like an old dog that can’t learn new tricks… Or feels nothing new “sticks” into long term memory…  Anki is your salvation!


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