Ivor O’Connor

October 26, 2012

Google Galaxy Nexus Impressions

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I have had this Google Galaxy Nexus phone for about three days now. Other phones I’ve had are the Samsung Galaxy I and II phones with crapware preinstalled from the likes of Sprint and Verizon.

It came with “Ice Cream Sandwich” 4.0.4. as the operating system. Around here AT&T is used by Net10 and costs only $45.95 a month for unlimited voice, text, and data. And unlike using AT&T directly Net10 does not impose any data caps.  Within a day the phone forced me to upgrade the OS first to 4.1.1 and then to 4.1.2 which is called “Jelly Bean”. Everything went very smoothly.

First problem encountered was with the number of rings before Net10 would pick up and say the user has not set up their voice mail account and hangup after 20 seconds. Net10s first level of phone support was interesting. Some Indian that spoke decent English but did not understand the problem and because English was not his first language a solid connection was never made. He pretended to consult with his supervisor when asked. No solution. Then I asked to be transferred to his manager. The “manager” was an Indian lady who understood English about as well as he did. There were long pauses while waiting for her brain to connect. She slowly tried to comprehend and it became obvious she was not a manager but some new intern meant to handle calls nobody else wanted. Long story short nobody there had a clue. Over an hour was wasted as they continued to pass me from one “technical dept” to another. Fortunately my headphones are comfortable allowing me to do other things while they play games.

There were other people on the forums with similar problems. So I posted a message on the forum.  However these forums are very similar to their phone support in that they are polite but not helpful. Instead of openly displaying their inabilities to fix things they immediately reply with:

Good day, ioconnor. We’re sorry for the trouble. My name is Jessica TracFone and I’ll be addressing your concern. We need to take this issue offline so I can address it further. I will contact you directly with a private message. Thank you.

In the private messages they say please give the following info. Unfortunately you can’t reply because their system only lets regular posters reply! You can’t just post willy-nilly to game their system because they view all posts and only allow those that are contributing something. So a day was lost trying to get enough posts so I could reply back. Then they informed me they could change the time from 20 to 30 seconds before their automated system would hangup on my callers. Haven’t tested it yet.

Other than that the Net10 service of rebranding AT&T is quite good. No dead zones unlike with Verizon and Sprint. Download speeds using the phone as a tether are four Mb/s and upload is one Mb/s. Good enough to watch YouTube videos and such in places that Sprint won’t even connect in.

The Google Galaxy Nexus phone itself is fantastic. It is quick. It is big. No delays. Boots quickly. The built in wireless tethering just works so there is no need to root the phone. Basically this phone is how I expected the Galaxy Samsung one and two to be. Unfortunately the branding and all the crapware Sprint and Verizon burns on to those phones makes them almost unusable. This phone is very usable and I highly recommend it. Except for the price. Almost $390 after shipping.

Oh yes. They did not process the order for about five business days. Then shipped it the standard two day delivery with UPS.


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