Ivor O’Connor

October 21, 2012

Pandora Music Problems

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After using the upgraded version of Pandora for a few years some problems have bubbled up. And have grown to monstrous proportions until Pandora is now unworkable. I will not be resubscribing to Pandora when my yearly contract is up.

The problem with Pandora is repetition. The same songs are played over-and-over. The songs are great but there’s not enough diversity.  And giving the song a thumbs down doesn’t help teach Pandora my preferences. I want them to know what I like so I can’t give those songs a thumbs down! Skipping songs only works five times per hour and that is not nearly enough. In fact I use four different stations so that when Pandora says I must listen to the song I can skip to another station and continue skipping or giving thumbs down. It’s called the Pandora Game.

What’s really needed is a new button. Something like “don’t play this song because I have bought it but remember to play more like this” button. Then Pandora can continue picking songs based on tastes while avoiding boredom. There is about another six months on my contract. If they add the button I suggest or find another way around I’ll continue to use them. As it stands now I’m preparing my migration away from them.

It is too bad. I really liked Pandora at one point.


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