Ivor O’Connor

October 20, 2012

Why Does It Take So Long To Boot An OS?

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It seemed like just a few months ago developers were talking about how their OSs would load in 17 seconds. Now it takes about 170 seconds again. Or even 5 minutes. Have these system developers all moved over to SSD drives and don’t realize how slow their OSs load?

I’d like to see a new standard introduced. Something based on how long it takes to boot the OS. Perhaps that all OSs must always boot in less than 10 seconds on old hardware. Go back to the year 2000 and find the hardware that was in use then. Establish that hardware as the “new era standard”. Then let the developers keep working on their boot code until they have a full boot in under 10 seconds. Not a current “microsoft boot” which looks like the system has finished but the CPU and disks are spinning at 100% for minutes and minutes after that making it impossible to use the system. After 10 seconds the hard disk and CPU should be at rest. The boot process should be over.

If somebody has the fanciest hardware money can buy then the full boot time should be close to zero. We shouldn’t have to continue putting up with bad OSs.


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