Ivor O’Connor

October 20, 2012

Mark Shuttleworth…

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He’s been on a prolonged rant about people talking about his bad decisions. Almost every interview I’ve heard lately has had him on the offensive blasting away at his critics. And now he’s going to keep everything secret in the hope people won’t set him straight before he’s had a chance to mess up.  “Key parts of Ubuntu 13.04 will be developed in secret, to escape the critics’ ire” is his latest “craziness”. It’s not that I don’t agree with his ideas to get a version of Ubuntu out that will run on a pad or even a smart phone. And he actually recognizes those companies that give back (monetarily) to Linux while putting Google into the background. And that he has put marketing into his OS. All of these things though need an opt-out.  An opt-out so users like myself can continue to use the old styles we learned in the 90s and ignore all this new eye-candy. Otherwise we’ll write a few “Ubuntu Sucks” articles and then remove it from all our computers. (Yes I’m talking about myself.)

However I hope him well. I hope he manages to make Linux an alternative to Android, Apple, and M$. I hope he’s a visionary that is gathering money for the Linux platform.

Meanwhile I’ve been falling in love with the FSF. They have a list of recommended software. On their list is a recommended version of Linux. Gnu/Linux. I don’t know if it will be good enough to replace Mint XFCE but I’ll give it a try. All I want is an OS that works from the command line and tools that don’t change every few months.  I’ll leave the fad chasing to visionaries like Mark Shuttleworth.  Hopefully Mark Shuttleworth will eventually eclipse Steve Jobs.




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