Ivor O’Connor

October 7, 2012

M$ drinking Ubuntu’s Koolaide?

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I can’t imagine it. M$ is suppose to be a business OS. Yet from skimming the following article it seems Windows 8 will be pushing the users down a mobile phone interface? Surely I must have read this article wrong?

From http://www.osnews.com/story/26434/_Paul_s_take_on_Windows_8_

And no, don’t peddle this nonsense about the desktop still being here – if you truly believe the desktop has a future at Microsoft, I have an Afsluitdijk to sell you. It’s legacy. Deprecated. It’s going away. Investing in Microsoft’s desktop should not be your long-term plan.

After months and months, I simply wondered why I even bothered – especially since all these issues could’ve been – and still are – so easily avoided. Windows is smart enough to know what it’s running on, so why doesn’t Windows 8 simply, you know, adapt? Aren’t computers supposed to work for me instead of against me? Aren’t they supposed to make my life easier instead of harder? Why on earth am I supposed to use a user interface designed for touch on a desktop computer – in 2012?

That was a rhetorical question, because I know the answer just fine. The only reason Microsoft is peddling Metro on desktops and laptops is to get people to buy Windows (Phone) 8 tablets and smartphones, much like how people originally wanted Windows at home because that’s what they used at work.

While that’s a fine from a business perspective – and it may even be bold enough to work – but as someone with so much experience with all there is to see in the world of user interfaces, I don’t care about Microsoft’s business reasons. I only care about GUI design. Haven’t we learned by now that cramming a desktop interface onto a mobile device – and vice versa – is simply very bad GUI design?

As Paul Allen notes, there are tons of small issues in Windows 8, but none of them are even remotely interesting when you look the big issue: you can’t drill a small hole in the wall with a belt sander.



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