Ivor O’Connor

October 7, 2012

In my disgust of Google I often forget about M$

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Since I only use M$ rarely and only because some hardware vendors, like Fujitsu with the scansnap device, do not have drivers for Linux the only evil company I come across is Google. So I forget just how evil M$ is. (And Apple is just a long forgotten bad memory nobody should have to still be using.)  Why haven’t people figured out they can be free of this stuff with Linux?

From http://owened.co.nz/how-microsoft-might-sink-its-own-ecosystem

Microsoft doesn’t understand that people travel around the world, and are hugely sentimental about things they’ve paid for. Here’s a list of some services that are affected by Windows Live ID billing region locks and what you will lose if you move countries:

  • Xbox Live – Achievements, Gamer Score, Content, Membership
  • SkyDrive Storage – Photos, Files
  • Zune – Music
  • Office 360 – Documents
  • Windows Phone – Integration
  • MSDN Subscription
  • Azure Services – Online services, Servers, storage.
  • Windows 8 Login – Settings, Wallpapers and Tight integration on all levels

It’s not good enough, there’s not even a way to export out any of this data. If you’re planning on moving, be warned. You may lose your data.


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