Ivor O’Connor

September 29, 2012

Sittin’ thinkin’ sinkin’ drinkin’ Wondering What the hell is wrong…

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… with women today. I’m at a coffee shop and these two women, in their 20s, babies in toe, are in the chairs next to me here in the corner chattering. They are both beautiful. Dressed in very skimpy clothe with lots of leg, arm, and tight clothing. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Nice smiles. Correct proportions. They have everything on a superficial level. Apparently they live in nice houses. One is talking about how she has just got new furniture, carpeting, and what not.

Unfortunately I was close enough, before I put pandora on and tuned them totally out, to hear them talking about the number of times they have taken their husbands to court. Their attorneys. How they are playing CPS for everything it’s worth. Child support payments. Getting their X’s on child visitation schedules that are convenient for them and only them.

It’s a shame people like these exist. They just suck the life out of society. Instead of working and earning their way through life they have instead “dug for gold” and plan on making the most of their looks until they have none. It’s a shame there is no telephone application where people like these could be marked. They should be brightly colored like some poisonous snake.

The best and perhaps only solution to avoiding harpies is to only associate with gifted accomplished people. People who have demonstrated with time and effort they are not worthless leaches of society. Strategically breeding to further their lives.

Sittin’ thinkin’ sinkin’ drinkin’ gives me the time to wonder if the Greeks had any words of wisdom about women like these… Maybe this is why they were mostly gay. Marriage and especially children are perhaps an antiquated idea that should be strongly discouraged. Or perhaps it’s time to move to Norway where religion, crazy politics, and harpies might only be encountered while on vacation…


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