Ivor O’Connor

September 28, 2012

Vote for Gary Johnson!

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Got this via email today. I totally support Gary Johnson for President. To me there is no difference between the worthless Democrats and Republicans. Both get their marching orders from the same set of lobbyists. They both want you to hate the other and not realize they are doing exactly the same thing. Well I’ll never ever vote for a Republican or Democrat. And as much as I like Gary Johnson I won’t give him any money to spend on advertising. It needs to be a strictly grass roots campaign. (Giving money to the media is another thing I’ll never do.) But I’ll gladly spread the word. Here’s the email I got from them today:

“I heard two Gary Johnson radio ads today!”

“I’m jealous, my husband heard one of Gov. Johnson’s radio spots.”


These are the kinds of messages we want to hear – and we’re hearing them!

Thanks to your financial support, more and more voters every day are hearing Gov. Johnson’s message over the airwaves on their way to work or during their favorite talk show.  And those radio ads are having a very real effect. The crowds at Governor Johnson’s events are growing, our phones are ringing more than ever, and in key states across the country, his poll numbers are gaining.

With only 42 days left before Election Day and many voters already beginning to receive their ballots in the mail, the American people are beginning to really focus on the choice they have to make in the Presidential Election – and the polls continue to show that a great many of them are not very comfortable with either the Democrat Obama or the Republican Romney.

That’s why our advertising is so critical right now, and why we must keep it on the air.  You can do just that by going to www.garyjohnson2012.com today and making a contribution that will buy one, two, three or more radio spots in a key swing state or on a popular talk show.  We are on the air today because of those contributions, and we must stay on the air.

As the other side of the globe erupts in anti-American protests and violence – voters are looking for a candidate who pledges to bring our troops and our dollars home.  As the Fed pumps more devalued dollars into an economy already stimulated to death, voters are looking for a candidate who will turn off the printing presses and protect our dollars from becoming worthless.

And as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney flood the airwaves with negative attacks on one another, Americans are looking for a candidate who is worried about their jobs – not just getting a job for himself.  That candidate is Gov. Johnson, and our challenge is to make sure those voters know it!

That is precisely what your contribution at www.garyjohnson2012.com will do.

The Republicans and Democrats are doing their best to silence Gov. Johnson.  They know voters will respond when they learn of his record, his plans, and his vision of an America where Liberty is safe.  That’s why they are still working to keep him off the ballot, and why they are determined to keep him out of their debates.  But we have you, and thousands like you across the country, who won’t let that happen.

42 days.  That is how much time we have.  Let’s make it count, and that begins with having the funds we must have to keep Gov. Johnson on the air, the yard signs going up in neighborhoods, and the bumper stickers going on cars.  Please go to www.garyjohnson2012.com today and keep us on a path to make history in November.

Your support has brought us a very long way.  The next few weeks will be exciting, challenging – and historic.

Thank you,

Ron Nielson

Senior Advisor

Gov. Gary Johnson

P.S.  Governor Johnson is halfway through his nationwide tour of college campuses.  Everywhere he goes, young people are signing up to help.  Your contribution will help us reach out to even more of them!  Go towww.garyjohnson2012.com.


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