Ivor O’Connor

September 22, 2012

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Phone Battery Problems

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Most of the carriers pre-load the cell phones up with junk applications and branding. Verizon goes a step further. They check the serial numbers of the batteries to verify they were sold by Verizon. When the phone is booted up you get a warning you must reply to stating your battery is not authorized and that the charger has been disabled. Not a problem if you have external battery chargers like I do. And since I can buy two batteries and an external battery charger for under $10 it’s quite a deal compared to their $50 batteries. (Just look online.) So I had been doing this for a while but my batteries seemed to be going dead in a few weeks. When the eighth battery went dead I angrily switched to a sprint samsung galaxy. (All galaxies use the same batteries.) Much to my surprise the “dead” batteries worked fine on the sprint phone. So then I tried each battery that worked in the sprint phone back in the verizon phone. They worked now! I tried the remaining dead batteries that had not yet been in the sprint phone in the verizon phone and they did indeed showed up as dead. I stuck them then in the sprint phone without charging and they worked fine. Then without charging back in the verizon phone and they worked.


Apparently Verizon doesn’t mark the batteries dead immediately and lets them be used for a few weeks to trick you into thinking they are cheap and go bad. In reality they are playing head games on you in the hopes you’ll buy their authorized batteries at a 10x markup. I’m thinking I’ll never buy another Verizon product in my life. Hopefully this post will convince others not to buy Verizon products too.


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