Ivor O’Connor

May 18, 2012

Combining google voice address book with customer records making a master address book

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Parsing files from the command line today for a phone application.

grep -o '[0-9]\{3\}-[0-9]\{3\}-[0-9]\{4\}' customer*.* | sed 's/customer_//' | sed 's/.shtml:/ /' | sed 's/.php:/ /' | sed 's/.html:/ /' | sed 's/\(.*\) \(............\)/printf "+1\2 jb%04d\n" \1/' | sed -e 's/-//g' > /tmp/blah1
. /tmp/blah1 > /tmp/blah2

Leaves the customer phone number followed by their job number ready to be fed into the telephone database. Need to combine it with the google voice phone book though. So after exporting gv to contacts.csv…

grep “[0-9]\{6,12\}” contacts.csv | sed -e ‘s/Normal//’ | sed -e ‘s/My Contacts//’ | sed -e ‘s/DO NOT PICKUP;//’ | sed -e ‘s/;IgnoreTheseNumbers//’ | sed -e ‘s/Coworkers//’ | sed -e ‘s/;//g’ | sed -e ‘s/,,//g’ | sed -e ‘s/”Mobile Phone://’ | grep -e “+[0-9]\{5,20\}” | sed -e ‘s/\(.*\)\(+[0-9]*\)/\2: \1/’ | sed -e ‘s/,/ /g’ > /tmp/txt
and once inside /tmp/txt
:%s/\(+\d*: \)\(.*\)\(\n+\d*: \)\(“\)/\1\2\3\2/g
:%s/\(+\d*: \)\(.*\)\(\n+\d*: \)\(Mobile Phone:\)/\1\2\3\2/g
To get description on those lines that don’t have it

Then combine the files, put a comma at the end of each number and do:

sort -u -t, -k1,1 files > final


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