Ivor O’Connor

March 13, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S1

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I probably haven’t had my Samsung Galaxy S1 for more than half a year and it is already broken. The mini-usb port broke and so I can no longer charge the battery in it.

When I originally purchased the phone extra batteries were going for $40 a piece and the external battery charger was $30 or $60. I wasn’t about to spend another $150 on the phone then so I decided to make due with what was given me. Instead I bought extra car battery chargers and such.

So now with those extra chargers no longer being able to charge it I decided to see what I could get online. Amazingly online it cost only $7.65 for two batteries and an external charger! I purchased it thinking there had to be a catch. That it was too good to be true. Well it wasn’t. I got two batteries and an external charger for that price. Incredible. Here are the details:

Order #2 : Can I Cell You Something

Order #: xxxxx
Shipping Method: Standard
Items:   $7.65
Shipping & Handling:   $3.00
Total Before Tax:   $10.65
Estimated Tax To Be Collected:*   $0.00
Order Total:   $10.65

Delivery estimate: Mar. 13, 2012 – Mar. 16, 2012

1 “2X Battery + FREE Travel Charger W/ USB Output for Samsung Galaxy S, Fascinate, Sprint Epic 4G, AT&T Captivate, T-Mobile Vibrant, i9000, i897, T959,”
Wireless Phone Accessory; $7.65
In Stock
Sold by: Can I Cell You Something

2012.03.27 update: The charger only lasted a few days before one of the prongs broke off. They do a very poor job of spot melting the prongs in to the plastic.


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