Ivor O’Connor

December 27, 2011

Flashed Unused Phone to Boost Mobile

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Yesterday I took an unused smart phone supposedly unsupported by Boost Mobile and had it flashed to Boost Mobile. Furthermore I had it rooted so that I could have it act as an internet hotspot. (I’m not yet comfortable with these terms “flashed”, “rooted”, and “hotspot” so I hope I’m using them correctly.) It was supposedly a 30 minute process but it took the person closer to 3 hours. The hotspot capabilities were not great. Testing things at speedtest.net found: Ping=280ms, download=.1Mbps, upload=.1Mbps. Furthermore a few hours later I got a message saying “press yes to finish installing your updates and reboot your phone” or something very similar. I pressed yes and it took away the hotspot capabilities. Still I now have a smart phone, a Samsung Galaxy S, that is unlimited for only $50 a month.

I’m going to start making use of craigslist with WTB adverts. I figure I need a backup smart phone for when this one dies. (Given my personal experience over the past 10 years I can expect to break a phone every nine months.) So I have started putting in WTB Samsung Galaxy S2 adverts offering $50 if in good condition. I’ll put a reminder in my calendar for every Monday and maybe someday I’ll get a nibble. I have so very little respect for this market or the carriers. It’s all a rip-off feeding on the lemmings of our society.

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